Chapter 3 - Stark. Tony Stark.

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My eyes slowly open, allowing me to see without getting blinded straight on. At first, everything was a blur, just fuzzy shapes in my vision. The sound was distorted too, like I was swimming, when everything is muffled and there's that deep swishing noise.

I blink then look around me to make out where I was. I figured I was in an appartment, lying on a sofa. There were little tidbits of decoration, like ornaments and such on shelves and little coffee tables. I sit up slowly, looking around, and make out that the bright light was in fact a cheap chandelier hanging above me. There were three questions spinning in my head:

1) WHAT the hell am I doing here?

2) WHY the hell am I here? and,

3) HOW the hell did I get here?

 I try to stand only to feel the world around me tilt, making me loose balance. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, easy tiger." Someone chuckles, suddenly at my side and helping me sit back down. I look up to see Steve smiling down at me, a plate with a sandwich on and a glass balanced perfectly on it, in his free hand. "I, er, made you something to eat, in case you woke up."

"Erm, thanks." I say with the smile, y voice coming out dry and hoarse. He glanced at me nervously as I took a sip of the orange juice before sitting down beside me.

"You, erm, how do I say this?" He mumbles, resting his elbows on his thighs and leaning forward.

"I didn't start my period, did I?" I joked, immediately feeling guilt when his face reddened. He shook his head, trying to hide his embarrassment. "N-no, that's not it... you turned blue and opaque after you got shot." He said quietly. "I managed to cover you with my jacket before anyone could see."

I nodded, placing the plate and juice on the coffee table.

"I know it's not my business, but you can create a force field with the flick of your wrist, your aim is perfect on a moving vehicle, you... your wound heeled literally spitting out the bullet!" He shook his head with disbelief and amazement. Then finally, he said, "And you turned blue and see-through... what are you?"

I waited a second, pondering the question. Truth was, I didn't really know what I was. "I don't know..." I answered quietly. "I don't actually..." But I will find out.

"Hey, at least you're not evil... I guess." He chuckled. I laugh a little, running a hand through my hair.

"Yeah, I'm not evil."

"Although, hacking into S.H.I.E.L.D's database  may prove otherwise." He watched me closely. It was funny how quickly he could transition from good cop to bad cop. Eventhough he wasn't a cop.

"I did that to answer the quiestion you're asking me: what am I?" I said quietly, the both of us now silent for a while. Thankfuly, it was soon broken by the sound of someone knocking on the door. Steve let out a sigh of relief then stood up. "I know someone who can help you, though." He went to answer the door then came back hands in pockets, followed by the brown-haired fancy dressed billionare playboy.

"Christina, meet Tony Stark. Tony, this is Chris." Steve smiles, waving his arm at me. Tony holds his hand out. I hold in a frustrated sigh then stand up and shake his hand.

"Pleasure to meet you Christina," he says with a smile. "Can I call you Chris?"

"No, it's Christina."I say all too quickly. I sigh then force a smile. "Until we get to knoe each other better." He nods with a smile before placing his hands in his pockets.

"So, Steve told me about your little problem and you need help, right?" Tony asks taking a seat on the couch I was sat on a minute ago. I nod, staying stood up.

"Yeah, we, um, need access to my father's files."

Tony nodded, taking a sip from my orange juice before wrinkling his nose up and placing the glass off.  "Strictly speaking, you could access the files from your home.. all the files are out into the world now that S.H.I.E.L.D has fallen,  going up in flames; thanks to Hydra."

"Oh yeah." I mumble, feeling stupid for not remembering that.

"But it's okay. Why don't we go to my place and I'll give you the honours of reading it in the comfort of Tony Stark's tower." He says, on his feet again.

Steve shakes his head. "We can't do that. Those things that were after us? They followed me back here, but they don't know where we are exactly."

"If we leave, they'll see us?" I ask, getting a small nod in response. I think for a moment. "We need disguises." I say after a while.

"Hey, Capsicle, you got any female neighbours?" Tony asks, heading to the door. He nodded, pointing to door opposite this one. Tony smiled then headed out, me and Steve following after, side by side.

"Capsicle?" I ask him quietly as we watch Tony work his playboy magic. Steve smiles sheepishly.

"Yeah, it's just a name they generated for me when S.H.I.E.L.D was.. well, S.H.I.E.L.D." He shrugged nonchalantly.

"Huh.. Capsicle... can I call you Capsicle?" I ask playfully. He chuckles, looking down at me.

"I'd prefer you didn't."

"C'mon," I nudge him. "you're the first stranger to call me Chris." I added quietly. He smiles that million wattage smile of his then shrugs.

"Okay, fine. You're Chris, I'm Capsicle."

"The two C's." I joke cheesily, making him chuckle again. I smile a little, feeling at ease with the 70+ year old patriotic soldier. I see him open his mouth to talk when Tony comes back with a blue summer dress with little butterflies on, singlasses, a summer hat and some black boots. He hands them to me.

"There you go, princess, put these on." He says. I glance at the pile in my hands.

"B-but, I never wear dresses... it's not comfortable." I argue before he places a finger on my lips.

"Exactly, if they've stalked you for years, they'll know you in a tank-top and skinnies. Now go put them on... You need to change, too, Spangles. C'mon we're on a tight schedule." He claps his hands together before pushing us into Steve's apartment.

I exit the bathroom feeling super duper conscious how I looked. It'dbeen ages since I last showed my legs, and yes, I do shave, but I felt naked. Strictly speaking, I was. I fiddle with the hem that came up to my thigh - MY FREAKING THIGH -  with the hat and glasses in hand. I look up to see Steve had changed into a blue shirt with the buttons at the neck open, and light blue faded jeans.

"You took longer than I thought you would." He smiled, adjusting his belt.'Oh my God, look away from his-'

"Yeah." I laugh, looking at his hair instead. "It, er, took a lot of will power to walk out."

"Well, you should wear dresses more often, it looks good on you." He smiled once again. "Stark's gone so we'll have to travel via public transport."  I nod then put the hat on, fixing my hair so that it sat on my shoulders nicely. I then put on the glasses and pout.

"Am I not-so-Christina enough?" I ask, posing.Steve chuckles before pulling my arm along and dragging me out playfully.

"Yes, this is Chris." He mumbles, leading me outside, his fingers at my wrist.

"Just out of curiosity," I start. "why did you help me?"

"Because even if you glow blue and show us your insides, we all nod a little bit of help, Chris." He answers, taking my hand in his.

"And, er, what's this?" I ask, changing the subject before I burst into tears or something.

"Disguise." He smirked at me, as we walked to the nearest bust stop. I nod, smiling back as I swung our hands slowly.

"Disguise." I repeat, looking ahead so that I could think. Disguise, huh?

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