Chapter One

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Authors note: Hello my amazing readers! How is everyone doing today? This story for me is different from the others that I have written so bear with me on this one. As always, thank you to everyone who has voted, commented, and read my stories. You guys are so amazing! ~Gabby 

The character of Audrey will be played by Katherine Barrell.

Chapter 1

"They" all said that love and this profession would never mix: "sooner or later it's all going to go to shit and you nor anyone else has the man-power to save it." 

"Sir, I am a grown woman and a highly valued asset to this team, I believe I have the capacity to judge whether it will or not." 

"That's what the one before you said too, Agent Bevier. Right before we had to go in and 'take care' of the mess he made. For your sake and hers, I hope I will not have to do that."


*Two Years Earlier*

My alarm clock awoke with a deafening shrill as the woman's hand reached over my tensed body and switched it off. "Why don't you use a different sound, something soothing?" She asked, like every morning I spent with her. They were all the same to her, they were fun, then dull and agitating. I couldn't take another second with her. "I don't know Vivian, you don't have to be here when it goes off either, but you still choose to be." I spoke back, watching her sun filled eyes burn into me with a smirk as her tongue ran over her bottom lip, her vocal cords not able to make a sound. I watched as she collected her clothes and put them on slowly, my eyes daring hers to meet mine as she finally pulled her shirt over her head and grabbed her phone from the nightstand. "You win Audrey, don't call me again." She spat, the picture frames that held art on the wall rattling as she slammed my front door closed for the third time. 

I smiled with a sigh and pulled myself out of bed, my muscles aching as I popped my neck and put my feet on the white carpet, looking at my badge and gun that were laying on the nightstand. I knew I had to be at headquarters in a few hours, but I wasn't dreading it. Getting into this agency was the greatest achievement I have accomplished and after years of hard work, they addressed me as Commanding Agent Bevier. Damn, doesn't that sound nice?

I smiled to myself before pulling my aching body out of my room and into the kitchen, placing my hands on the cold marble that was my counter top as I looked out the window, cars already lining up for early rush hour. Sliding my hand over the glossed surface, I thought about the woman I had spent my night with, the same woman I had spent it with every few weeks, knowing damn well she sat by her phone day and night waiting on my call to come here. Why does she do this? Because she is lonely like every other person on this planet, any ounce of attention I give her will last a week before she needs it again, needs to see me; even if I never smile at her, never give her endearing titles, or for that matter, kiss her. 

I wiped all of these thoughts from my head as I started to brew the coffee, my mind at ease as I walked back into my room and dressed myself in the usual attire. Black long socks, black dress pants, black shined shoes, black belt, white under shirt, bulletproof vest, white button up, black tie, black blazer. It never differed from this because for awhile now, I haven't had the patience to pick out anything that would look better on me. 

I tied my medium length red hair into a tight ponytail with a smirk before staring at myself in the mirror. I knew some women yearned to be in my bed, begged me too, but Vivian was the only woman I would do that with, and I had just severed ties with her once and for all. I hadn't had any type of romantic relationships with a woman ever, and I really didn't want to start now. For this I can only blame work and my hectic schedule that denied me any time for another human being; aside from sporadic free time to make phone calls to see how family is doing. I highly doubt any woman would put up with that in a partner and no matter how much feelings she had built up and stored in her heart, she would end it with me and I would turn back into being heartless. That's what I had to be in order to protect myself and her, it was really for my own good not to fall in love with another woman. 

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