4. To my hero

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Hi there. 

We've known each other for a long time. 

But you've saved my life.

Starting from when we were small kids,

To the awkward people we are today. 

We've known each other,

Just as acquaintances, 

But now, it's different. 

I've known it was different,

The day I sent the email. 

I've known it was different,

By the time you spent with me.

I've known it was different,

When you made sure I was okay.

I've known it was different,

When we became friends. 

Why were you the only person who would listen,

To me when I was lonely and afraid.

Why did you stay with me,

When I was alone.

Why did you talk to me,

When no one else wanted to.

Why did you respect me,

When everyone else mocked me.

Who am I to you?

You said we were friends.

Maybe we're more?

No, no.

It can't be.

I'll move mountains for you,

I'll walk miles for you, 

And risk my life for you.

Because you saved mine.

I love you. 

Sorry guys this was a short update. I've been really busy lately and have had a lot of things going on. Next Letter will be posted when this letter gets to 25+ votes and 15 comments. Thank you for reading and supporting me. 

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