Hello Fascination (BxB) ch20 <3 END

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*Contains gay smut

Caleb's POV T^T

As soon as the final bell rung, Chels, Zach, Tyler, and I headed for the hospital. Connor had to go to hockey practice or some shit like that and Dani had a family thing she couldn't miss.

I wouldn't say I'm excited about seeing Finny, only because he's supposed to be in terrible shape. I called his dad during lunch and he said that Finn's awake now and that we're allowed to visit for a little while. Apparently his situation hasn't improved, but it hasn't gotten worse either.

What do you even say to someone that's blind?! Is it insensitive to say 'nice to see you'? What if his face is malformed or his cheeky dimple is now on his neck or some shit?

I nibble on my nails nervously as we pull into the parking garage of the hospital. Chels holds my hand, seeing my nerves. Tyler's walking in front of us, talking to Zach, and I can't help but worry about our relationship. (and admire his ass)

We kind of made up? Maybe? Hell, what do I know! This is the first fluffin relationship I've ever had. I just want it to go back to how we were before. All the playfulness, sappy romance, hot sex; that's what we should still have.

I bet he's still mad at me. I know I was being a buttmunch, but we were bound to have at least one little spat eventually. But I shouldn't be worrying about that right now; Finn's ready to see us finally.

We sign in as visitors at the front desk and are pointed in the direction of Finny's room. We soon stop in front of the room, but the door's closed. I push in front of everyone and put my hand on the handle. Before I can open it however, Finn's tall, lanky dad swings it open and closes it quickly behind him when he sees us standing in front of him.

"Hi," he says in a breathy voice, "Didn't expect you to be here so soon."

"We came right after school let out. Is he ready to see us?" I ask impatiently.

Finny's dad nods his head. "Yeah, he slept through lunch so he'll finish up eating here in a little bit. A few of his neighborhood friends is in there with him right now as well so you'll all have to wait until there's less people in the room." He looks around and moves away from the door slightly. "Are... are you sure you're ready to see him?"

I swallow hard, but nod in agreement. Chels grips my hand tighter and asks in a small, timid voice, "He still looks the same, right?"

A smile plays at the corners of Mr. McCormick's lips. "No, no deformities. One of his arms is in a brace and his eyes are still bandaged up, but other than that and a few cuts and bruises, he looks the same."

I release a sigh in relief and find myself glancing back at Tyler, who's gorgeous emerald eyes stare right back at me. I hesitantly let go of Chelsea's hand and weave my arms around my boy's waist. He lays his hands on my back wordlessly and pulls me closer to him.

Zach and Chels strike up their own conversation (something about hobbits?) as I bask the warmth of Tyler's love.

"I love you," I mummer into his cozy shirt; but because it was muffled, it sounded more like 'I loaf ew'.

He chuckles that sexy little chuckle of his and lands a kiss on the top of my head. "I love you too."

"Ew. Take your gay fest outside," Zach rolls his eyes playfully. That little nipple; ruining our 'moment'.

Suddenly the door opens and out steps five "normal looking" teenagers. A reeeeaallly tall girl (probably the oldest) steps out first, followed by two lanky boys -- twins to be precise -- and a small, chubby little girl. But they all look related with their light brown hair and pretty chestnut eyes.

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