The Destiny of the Scarlet Chapter 13

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Sooooo hiii. So my cousin got mad at her for embarrassing her on the Internet so she started over dramatically fake crying and ran to her older sister also my cousin. So she told her and she just said "and this is the same sister that you broke your shoe eh?" then she left it was soo funny you had to be there. You wouldnt know but she just took a break and her cousin the older sister she started beating up on my other cousin again sooo funny. She's leaving with five of her cousins in the same house so she'll have many stories to tell you. Haha

Why don't we begin before she continues


I couldn't stop fidgeting in the corner room seat. I was going to die I mean two rules. TWO! Why me. I just had the worst luck. My legs kept bouncing up and down. I put my palms to my knees to try to stop them from shaking.

The door opened and in walked Damon. My mind was screaming at me to bow, but I had no control over my body it was like it was glued to the chair.

He walked over to me and squatted down to my level. He placed his hands on top of mine causing tingled to shoot up my arm. There was a silence and somehow my mouth was able to produce words; barely. "A-are you going t-to punish me?" I asked stuttering.

He frowned looking ashamed, "No I'm not and I will never...ever do that again." he couldn't look at me. "I have to finish a few things just wait here for me." he stood and turned to leave. But I couldn't I had to find out.

I called out to him as his hand touched the doorknob, "Damon, wait!" he turned back to face me. "I just have to know...why did you kiss me and then act like it was nothing?" I said the last part getting quieter with every word.

He silenty chuckled, "It was wrong I shouldn't have done it it was a mistake and...I promise never to do it again." there was a flicker of a color change in his eye but I doubt it was there it was gone so fast.

He turned back to the door again but I once again found my voice, "But I didn't think itvwas a mistake...and I wanted you to do it again." I said blushing looking down and fidelling with the hem of my uniform. He came back to me his eyes a soft pink. He came back over to me and pulled me up. He leaned in and kissed my forehead.

He looked back at me and said, "It's late you should go to bed. Just go in the closet and change into a night gown and I'll be in here in a few minutes. You'll sleep on my bed," he said his voice quite and alluring. I just nodded my head my voice unable to produce words.

He left the room after that. I was still in a dazed from his close proximity but I managed to get to the closet. I chose a silk short white gown and put it on. I walked back to the main room jumped onto the bed and wrapped myself in the blankets and pillows and inhaled Damon's scent.

I was starting to doze as I felt the bed dip. I knew it was him as I felt the familiar tingles when he wrapped his arms around me. I buried my face in his chest and welcomed the darkness.


I was in a green mosh covered clearing in the center of a forest. I was wearing a tattered version of my short silk white nightgown. The dress and my body were caked with a thin layer of dirt. Almost as if I had fallen. "Hello! Hello!" I felt dumb yelling for someone, anyone even though I knew no one was around.

Then an almost ghostly figure came down from the sky. It was a woman with flowing white hair dressed in white robes. She looked like a god. I saw he face, "Lucinda." I breathed. I didn't know how I knew her I just did. I curtseyed before her bowing my head and closing my eyes.

"Rise," she said her voice firm but feminine. I looked up. "Fawn you have been chosen to be the Scarlet. A power that you have held since you were a child. I tell you this now because the power is needed."

"Lucinda what are you talking about? I don't even know how I know you?"

"This will all be explained in good time my child. All you need to know now is to find the holder before the summer solstice. That is when the attack will happen. Mind you child you must transform into the state of the Scarlet. But you will be most vulnerable then if you die in this state the line of the Scarlet will end and as will the world. The gods designed the world for there to be one extraordinary person on it. If you die so will the world. You will know when you are going into the state. Your eyes will only see white. You can seek advice from your past lives." she pressed her finger to my head and there was a blinding light, "Look into your heart and they will come to you. I only have a few minutes left with you so I will leave you with this. Your blood is powerful it has powers. It gives power and life. Remember this. And do not tell anyone about our meeting. Only on the solstice will they understand."

*End of Dream*

I woke up to see Damon's icy blue eyes looking into mine. "How did you sleep?"

"Great. I should get ready for work now." I started to get up but Damon's voice stopped me.

"No you don't have work today. I'll just have someone bring up your meals and anything you need is that alright?" he looked slightly worried.

"Ohh alright."

"Great I'll come check on you throughout the day to see if you are alright." he unwrapped his arms from me leaving me cold but I pushed all of those thoughts away. I thought about the dream that I had. Was it really real or was it my imagination running wild again? My thoughts must have been long because when I looked up Damon was dressed and heading out the door.

A few minutes later a boy about my age came in with a tray full of breakfast food. He handed me the tray and I put it in my lap.

"Hi." I said simply based on lack of finding better words.

"Hi. Umm my name is Steven, I was sent by my lord to check on you throughout the day soo...umm do you want anything to keep yourself entertained," he said shyly.

I thought about this, "Actually, no." I wanted to try to talk to my past lives like Lucinda had told me.

"Ohh well umm I'll just leave for now I'll come back and check on you in a few hours to see if you changed your mind." and with that he stood and left the room. I looked down at my tray to see; toast, waffles with syrup, and a tall glass of orange juice. I dug right in.

I finished eating fifteen minutes later. I put the tray on the nightstand, took a deep breath in and closed my eyes. I felt some of me sprit being pulled away from me. I opened my eyes to see a girl. She looked to to about two years older than me. So it wasn't a dream.

"You called me here is there something I can help you with," she said in a bored tone.

"I umm...," I took a deep breath in, "Alright so I just found out I was the Scarlet and I still have no idea what that even means. I talked to Lucinda. She said I had to find the holder. And I'm meant to save the world and I have no idea how to do tha AND she said that I have to go into the state of the Scarlet. What does that even mean?" I said this all in a rush.

"Uh huh." still bored, "Well," she said placing he hands on her knees, "Luncinda should have explained more to you. The Scarlet is the balance and heart beat of the world. It has the power to take over the world. To enter the state of the Scarlet there must be something to trigger it, something traumatic or something filled with extrememe emotion. My name is May. The reason you got me is because I was the live before yours. Someone is coming you call on me or any one else you need." with that se disappeared.

The door opened and in walked Damon he came and sat on the bed. "So how was your day so far," I smiled up at him

"It's been great,"

He smiled just a little, "Good, I'll come back and check on you."

I nodded. He stood and oft the room. Time to call on my next life.


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So she plans on changing the title again this time you guys can choose between:

The legend of the Scarlet


The Scarlet's destiny

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