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Náriel shook her head. “I don't know, my friend...I honestly don't.” Her eyes looked up at the tall carven ceiling and then down at him. “We should rest though. I believe that we may have a long day tomorrow.”

“Despite you thinking nothing will happen?” Bilbo laid slowly down as she stood. “Where are you going?” He frowned and lifted his head up from his makeshift pillow.

Náriel patted her dark tunic down and smiled. “Talking. I believe is all that'll happen. And I’m going to find our missing Dwarf. He needs rest just as much as everyone else.” Náriel smiled and watched as Bilbo gave a small nod, a quick fidget and got comfortable. “Sleep well, Bilbo.” He quietly said a good night in return before drifting off.

Náriel sighed and smiled up at Dori as she passed him. She crossed her arms behind her back as she walked off out of the safety of the fire light. The corridor she found herself in seemed to stretch on endlessly. A few torches which had earlier been made hung on the walls so there was light. She could see where she was going, which she was thankful of. Stumbling about in the dark didn't really bode well with her.

Standing and looking around a corner she looked to the glittering mounds of gold. It was silent. There was no rushing sounds of tumbling coins or jewels. No crunched footsteps. Thorin wasn't in here. Náriel smirked, not unless he was being silent, which really seemed like an impossible task for him.

Turning slowly she continued on her way. She remembered her way, sure she hadn't been in the Mountain for years, but she never forgot the passageways she did travel down. Tilting her head to the side she stopped when she came across a shattered window paned balcony door.

Crossing her arms loosely she walked slowly forwards. “I spoke to your father once.” She said while Thorin turned and looked at her.

“Oh?” He questioned curiously. Though in truth the thought of his father and Náriel speaking didn't sit well with him. Both strong minded, unafraid to share their opinions, he was glad he never accidentally stumbled across them as they were speaking.

“It's nothing bad,” Náriel smiled when he looked at her sceptically.


“You remember when you got that cold?” Náriel smirked, Thorin frowned and hung his head. Slowly he looked to her. How could he forget? She was seemingly never going to let him forget. It was bad enough she had spoken of the moment with his nephews. “After you so rightly...teased me...I returned to my room and went for a walk, we crossed paths and started talking.”

Thorin smirked and leant against the stonework in front of him. “Still get embarrassed, Princess?” He received a hit to the shoulder, “What did you speak about?”


“Naturally,” Thorin nodded and looked to her.

“He was glad that you had finally showed interest in someone. He had delight in telling me of the failed attempts both himself and Thror had had when trying to set you up with someone. Honestly, Thorin, I never took you for being a fussy Dwarf.” Náriel laughed. “He spoke of the courtship to your mother too, and that it happened from both love and arrangement. Which surprised him even more with our spontaneous courtship, which also seemed to amuse him even more too.” Náriel explained while nodding slowly.

Thorin gave a slow nod in thought. “Why are you telling me this? Now, out of all other times?” His eyes flicked up to the night sky and slowly looked to her. He turned to face her fully as she stood in thought for a few moments.

Turning too, Náriel looked at him and smiled. “Because we are here. I think it is important to remember who makes a home.” She said while narrowing her eyes slowly. Who makes a home, not what, least of all tremendous amounts of wealth.

Thorin thought over her words before nodding again. “Did he say anything about us? I mean, we didn't exactly tell anyone, I’m sure he had something to say.” Thorin rolled his eyes, of course his father would have a comment or two.

“He said, if I remember rightly: 'My assumption into my son's sudden content disposition must lay with the young lady he is smitten with. And also, the young lady that he is also courting.' He sounded rather merry, oddly enough.” Náriel said and laughed when Thorin looked rather awkward over hearing his father's words. To add to the slight awkward feeling, Náriel laughed. “He finished with: 'that's my boy.'” At this Thorin groaned and ran a hand down his face. Náriel laughed again, she couldn't help it, it was funny.

“What did you retort with?” Thorin asked half worrying over what she replied with.

“Thorin makes me very happy, my Lord. I am honoured that he chose me to be his.” Náriel said honestly, so honestly that it made him quickly look up at her. Náriel smiled and reached up to put a hand against his cheek. “Come,” she put her hand on his shoulder, “You tell everyone to rest, yet don't rest yourself?” She smiled and reached down to hold onto his hand. “That's very silly of you, Thorin.”

The two of them walked quietly back down the corridor. The quiet licking of the torch flames was all that could really be heard. “Are you still honoured? Through everything?” Thorin asked quietly.

Giving a sigh, Náriel stopped and looked at him as he stopped too. “Who wouldn't be?” Náriel questioned. “You are an amazing person. Though yes, you are the most stubborn man I have ever met, but you are also perhaps the most caring, and thoughtful. Don't go questioning what we have because you find yourself questioning other things, Thorin.” Náriel said while putting her other hand over the hand she was holding. “Come on, rest, you need it just as much as everyone else.” She laughed quietly while picking up walking again. As they reappeared back into the small fire lit area, Dori looked at them and then back out at the night. His turn at acting as guard was soon to end and he was wondering who to wake to take over.

Náriel went to walk over to her bedroll only to get tugged back by her hand. She went to comment only to have a finger gently placed against her lips, talking would warrant someone stirring and waking up no doubt. Thorin turned and walked over to where his makeshift bed was for the night. He sat down and gently pulled her down to sit beside him. Náriel smiled and leant her head against his shoulder. He leant his head on top of hers and looked around at the sleeping forms around them. Putting an arm around her shoulders he slowly laid down and pulled her down too. She gave the slightest of fidgets to get comfortable, but she eventually laid wrapped up in his arms with her hands against his chest.


(A/N: Ok, I have to admit, not a lot seems to happen in this chapter and I have a good reason: because I’m to lazy right now to hunt out my book to see where to go from here xD so I’ll do that tomorrow.)

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