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Ok I'm on up date and no this isn't another chapter sorry again but I think I found out why I've been seeing black dots I checked my weight and I'm 91.8 pounds isn't that crazy.

My mom is gonna force me to eat food now so we're heading to DQ.

Also I still need to get some vinomens I think that's how you spell it because my blood pressure is then but anywho I'm once again still working on the chapter it's a slow and bothersome process but I'm making it threw yay.

Uhhh I really don't feel hungry and hate being forced to eat I can't really eat large portions of food cause it makes me lazy and I have hard time breathing when I eat to much.

But what ever thanks for really this ramble you guys.

Ren : I gonna have to take her to the doctor *sighs* any way thank you for reading and worrying about her I'll try to keep update you you guys on her blog or what ever bye

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