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I don't know where I am but it's beautiful. The sun is warm and balmy, the trees and grass so green it's almost as if life were going to explode from the ground and shoot up into the sky. And the sky is so clear. If I could reach up, I bet I could move the clouds around however I want. If I breathe in deep, the rich, fresh air is so smooth and full, I feel like I can fall asleep right here.

But there is more here. A bustling city with people just doing their day to day things. And they all have such strange hair: not just blonde and brown hair but dark purple, sapphire blue, golden yellow, orange, and green likes grass, all colors. And they all have eyes to match. At the very center of the city is a great castle with ivory white walls and silver roofs. I want to go out and talk to everyone in the city and learn about their lives but something about the castle calls to me.

I run to the castle and make my way past everyone in the streets. But the closer I get to the castle, people start running away from the castle. And as I run along, I hear people screaming in terror. Then I can hear homes being torn apart, fires starting and roaring, and explosions all around me. I can feel wet drops run down my cheeks but there are no rain clouds in the sky, only towers of smoke.

Just a few streets away from the castle, I fall and trip in a crater. But where do all of these craters come from? There aren't any bombs here, I know there aren't. And the fire? Where's everyone? No one's screaming any more. There are no corpses around me, it's just me. No matter where I look, it's just me. Until I hear the sounds of soldiers marching, their boots thundering throughout the streets.

I have to get to the castle but I'm trapped here. I stumble back into the crater and watch. There's no one here but I know they're coming. My arms and legs are shaking and I can't hold in any breath. Then she appears. The dark woman.

Long hair black and darker than any night, lit flowed down to her waist. It follows her curves, wide and powerful just like she is. She throws out her hands. I can see that they're soft but deep within they hide a terrible power, one that destroys anything she touches. She's wearing black clothing, and behind the smoke and with the sun setting, I cannot discern any more.

Then she moves and runs into the castle. Seeing her move frightens me to my core and I can feel it freezing my soul but I chase after her. I can't let her go, she can't go into the castle. I have to stop her no matter how terrified I am.

She moves so fast and I have to push my body past its limits just to keep her in my sights. Once I finally catch up with her, she's laughing and towering over another woman. A kind, beautiful woman on the ground. Her hair curls down to the floor and hides her face. Her limbs seem almost too long for her but they suit her slim body. And she has a great, heavily decorated dress gown in silver and white.

The dark woman is laughing maniacally and steps over the woman in silver. I have to stop her before she sits on the throne.

Just before I can run out to stop her, there's a brilliant flash of light. Blinding light. Light too great to see past.

Orange light. Ugh. It's the morning. Oh man...

I've been having this dream all summer. And each time I have this dream, I move deeper and deeper into the city and castle. And it gets worse every time. In fact, if I wipe my cheeks... Yup, tears streaming down from my eyes.

But why does the dream always make me cry? Nothing really sad happens and it's nothing I've ever seen before so why does it make me cry?

And that's not the strangest part. I feel like I've been there before. Almost like I lived my entire life there. Worse of all, I miss it. I wish I could go back. Ugh. What a way to start the day.

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