When can I leave?

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"When are you going to let me live my life." SLAP! "You getting fresh with me? I will fvck you up little girl don't fvcks with grown people! Your a little girl stay in your place.You leave when I say you leave." He slapped me so hard I thought he took a piece of skin from my face. "How you gonna tell me I'm a little girl when I'm 20 and plus I'm older than you?" PUNCH SLAP SLAP PUNCH! At this point I was on the ground crying. My face felt like it was on fire and I could hardly breathe. "WTF DID I JUST TELL YOU?! DID I ASK YOU WHO WAS OLDER FROM WHO WASNT?! NOW IM GONNA WHOOP YOUR A55!!" He started kicking me but I guess his feet got tired so he pulled out his white Louis Vuitton belt and began hitting me with it as hard as he could. He paused for a little because he was tired so I tried to crawl away which only made things worse. He pulled me back by my long Brazilian weave which made a few tracks rip, then he started to send multiple blows to my face as if I were a punching bag. After about three minutes of punching me he finally stopped. I couldn't even cry because my face was so swollen.

I couldn't call anybody because they were probably all at a party considering it was Friday and it was 10:53pm so I just waited until Dallas left to go to a party to put ice on my face. He left at 11:03 and I was so happy. I went to the fridge and got me some frozen bags with stuff in it and put them on my face. It made my face feel worse but I knew it was helping. After a while I got something to drink and went to take a shower. I took off all my clothes and turned the pipe on. I stepped in and all of a sudden the hot water beating on my body made me feel better. I stayed in there for almost 2 hours because I knew Dallas was going to come back at 4 something in the morning like he always does. I got out the shower and put on pink sweatpants from pink and a black tank top with black socks. I knew Dallas was going to come back home drunk so I packed a small bag with all my important stuff like 10 outfits and 5 pairs of shoes and my hair tools and stuff like that so just in case I had a chance to run I can with my things.

I was waiting up for about 2 hours and Dallas still didn't come back so I decided to text one of my home girls honey.


ME: Honey bear you home?

HONEY🍯🐻: yea I just got home. Everybody left me😒😕✋

ME: can I come stay with you for a while? Dallas beat me up again and this is the only chance I have to leave😩

HONEY🍯🐻: you lyyyiiinnggg! Hell yea you can stay with me you better hurry up before he come though

ME: okay thanks I'll be there in a few

Before I went downstairs I checked all the windows to make sure there was no sign of him so I can leave. I didn't see him so I immediately ran to put on my pink and purple Jordan's and grabbed my jeans jacket and my bag. I looked out the front window again and I still didn't see him so I opened the door and took off. For a second I thought I was a track star. After about 10 minutes of running I finally got to Honey's house and I knocked on her door. When she opened the door and saw my face she gasped. "Oh my gawddd you sure it wasn't a kangaroo you was getting beat up by?" "This is no time for jokes Honey we gotta make a plan for me to hide because this is probably going to be the first place he comes to look for me." "I'm not joking and all you have to do is find a job to get money and save up for a ticket to leave the state and I'll come if I'm invited." "Good idea but what about in between those times?" "Ummm..don't get caught! I got chu, don't worry. If he asks about you I'm gonna say she told me she was leaving the state but we got into an argument so we aren't talking." "Okay good." I was so thank full for Honey. She is like my bestfriend. She is actually more than that she is like a sister to me. She would do anything for me and I would do anything for her.

I went to the guest bedroom and took off my shoes and got in bed. My phone was going off and when I picked it up it was Dallas. No surprise.


SCUNT😒✋:where are you?👿

SCUNT😒✋:baby I'm sorry please come back

SCUNT😒✋:I need you. I can't live with out you!

SCUNT😒✋:okay I'm coming to find your hoe a55

ME:yup you will find me in the airport boarding the plane. To bad you don't know what airport I'm at or what state or country I'm going to😭✋ju maaaadd😭adios 👋

I was really cracking up until I heard the door bell ring. I looked out the window and I seen Dallas's car. I put my shoes on and grabbed my bag. I went into the closet because it had a small door leading to Honey's room which was by the stair case. I sat in the closet until I heard the door being opened. All I heard was "come out come out where ever you are." I opened the secret door in the closet and I began crawling. That's when I heard the closet open and I crawled faster then I heard the secret door open and I was already at the other secret door in honeys room so I opened it and piled a bunch of stuff in the door so he couldn't get me and I ran down the stairs and honey had the door open ready for me to run. I dashed out again but I ran behind the house where he wouldn't expect me to go because it was dark and I'm afraid of the dark. After about 30 mins I heard a car door slam and started to drive so I'm guessing he left. I slowly walked to the front door checking all the windows to make sure he wasn't there then I knocked the front door and honey answered and I walked in.

"He said when he catches you he is going to kill you" "Don't worry I'm going to start boxing lessons and maybe even join the game." "ARE YOU DUMB? DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO PEOPLE IN THERE? YOU HAVE TO BE TOUGH AND YOUR NOT MENTALLY OR PHYSICALLY READY!" "I know but I'm going to be ready. I have to protect myself from him and other people." "Whatever." Honey didn't want to be involved with anybody that was in the game because her brother and her dad used to be in the game and they both died.

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