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I can see her kingdom, my future kingdom. The land and its people that I will one day rule over. The land she rightfully rules over. The sun shines its warmth on everything in sight, the earth pushing up grass and trees so vibrant, it is almost as if everything will be swallowed by a blanket of grass. And the sky above is perfect, ready to be moved by my hands. One single deep breath promises to fill me with everlasting energy.

Yet something threatens to suppress it all. The people moving and giving the kingdom energy are totally unaware of the danger they are in. They all blind to the trouble they are in, unable to turn against the great, towering castle bathed in white and silver. If only I could warn them all, shield them from the oppressive blinding presence of those in that castle.

Then she appears. The woman bathed in shadow and darkness fated to extinguish that terrific light forever, a destiny she forged herself. It's my mother. Simply seeing her, acknowledging her presence is liberating, it gives one strength. It fills me with hope and inspiration.

Like me, she sought to change not only her future but the future of her kingdom and her people. More shadows rise up against the light, joining her side with their fists high above their heads in defiance. They are drawn to her vision, the future she promised for us all, and rally to take it for themselves. Slowly, she and her army reach forward towards the castle, its light dying and dimming with every advance.

I try to chase after her, to walk alongside her and fight with her but she is too far. Once at the castle, she quickens her pace and fights to push past the last of the light. My body is in agony not because it cannot keep up but because it yearns to be with her. At last, when I finally reach her, my mother stands tall and proud over a monster masked by curly, golden hair and a gaudy, heavy gown in silver and white. Finally, the oppression and tyranny that woman represents is over and my mother can now reign as the Dark Queen.

Just as the Dark Queen takes her rightful seat on the throne, the fallen woman reaches out and screams. The light returns, brighter and harsher than ever, destroying everything. Her screams echo into silence, the visions fade from my eyes, the shadow disappears, my mother cursed by the tyrant.

Life draws into my chest once more and I can feel my body seize as it awakens and fills with strength. Shattering noises can be heard all around and I see faint glimmers of silver rain down around and on top of me. As it stops, I can see that they are pieces of crystal that had one encapsulated me whole. On the ground, it continues to shatter and break apart until it becomes dust that the winds carries off until it disappears forever. A huge mass of crystal continue to hold my feet in the ground in which it is buried. With a strong tug and shout, I am free of the silver crystal and earth beneath.

As I step forward to see where I am, I can see that the crystal is now catching faint traces of light and glimmering. Behind me, the morning sun begins to rise over the crest of the horizon, blessing the skies and earth with its warmth and light. And with its light, I can see a newly made hole in the ground not too far from where I came. And I know where it leads.

Deep within the bowels of the earth lies a stygian graveyard. Holding my hand aloft and in front of me, I focus a bit of magic to form and hold so that it may light my way. And so I can see the state of what lies within. At the bottom of the cave, the light reflects of more silver crystal. Very similar to what was holding me and yet far more sinister in nature. As I push up the light to its very surface, the silhouette of men can be seen, cowering and screaming in terror, their arms and hands up and in front of their eyes as if shielding them from a blinding light. At the far end of the cave stands one great boulder, towering above all the others. These crystal boulders were meant to trap these men. And that one was meant to curse and imprison.

Even now, I can feel her sense of hope and inspiration. Though as I stand before her, I cannot help but feel awe throughout my body, both freezing me to the core of my soul and filling with me with energy.

Instinctively, I try to reach out and hold her only to find the crystal impeding me. In the dark and with the crystal refracting the light, it is difficult to see her truly as she is but I can still see her angelic face outlined by her dark, flowing hair. It is full and rich, flowing like powerful rivers down to her body. Her goddess-like figure cuts through the crystal, her well-endowed chest and hips brimming with both fertility and raw power. A wholly black dress dances in perfect sync with her body. At the top of her shoulders, it cuts off at the top of her arm only to join again at the top of her chest as long gloves continue along down the rest of her arm. Underneath the gloves I can see the powerful yet refined muscles and hands that one erupted magic unlike none other. Further still, her fingers tell the story that she is also kind and gentle. Her dress continues to flow down past and beyond her hips, exuding grace, beauty, and strength. Boots reach up to her thigh and strike down past her foot in sharp heels. They suited the legs both powerful enough to stand against tyranny and oppression and help those too weak to stand for themselves. Behind her dress is an equally fine and noble cape though what is on it or if it is patterned, I cannot see from here. As I examine her again, I look closely at her chest. Across her broad chest is the symbol of a revolution, the crest of an army, the insignia of my mother, the Dark Queen.

A single vine filled with sharp thorns runs in a circle around several flowers. A the top are five red flowers, each with five triangular petals running long and out with yellow stemmae shooting out. Beneath them are three broad petaled flowers in dark purple outlined with magenta trim and white cores. At the focus of her insignia is a rose, entirely black as her hair and garments with dozens of rich, full petals. An insignia I now bear upon my chest as well.

I look one last time at my mother's face. Here is the only place where her smooth and vibrant skin is totally visible. Her lips are full and lush, painted a dark purple that is almost black. They turn up ever so slightly, smiling and knowing, waiting for the future she fought so hard for. Above her eyes, the eyebrows are perfectly trimmed and dark, nearly coming down to a single point at the center of her face. I can see her thick eyelashes stretching and reach well around her eyes, every bit as strong and powerful as she is. And her eyes, a dark brown filled with two emotions. One of immeasurable joy as she became our crowned Queen. And the other of infinite hatred and wrath. She was wronged. Behind it all, refined, irresistible power.

Though her consciousness and life may be suspended, I know she can see me. She watches over me both as mother and Queen. She will guide me to my destiny as she once guided a whole army.

I let the light die from my hand and let the darkness envelop me. I now carry the burden of the shadows and darkness. It poses no problem for me. I have my mother's strength and magic flowing through my blood. With this power, I am invincible and unstoppable. No one will be able to impede my or divert me from my path, none can hope to go against me. With this insignia upon my chest and this magic in my hands, I will secure the future of the Angwelkin Kingdom. Anyone who would dare to stop me will die a most painful death. I will not fail her, I will succeed for my mother the Dark Queen. I need only one object to achieve it all and to free my mother.

I am Tenebria and I will find the Silver Rose Amulet and with it, free my mother and revive the Angwelkin Kingdom at any cost.


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