Part 17

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I started hyperventilating. Suddenly everything went black.
I woke up sweating. I looked at the clock it was 9 am. I went into my bathroom and took a quick shower. I blow dried my hair and put it into a messy bun. I took on a black hoodie with some ripped jeans. I didn't feel like doing my makeup so I didn't bother doing it. I walked downstairs too see a worried Rose and Emilia. 《What are you doing here Emilia?》 I asked since I can't remember inviting her over. 《Umm.... I found out that your the leader of this gang and I kind of want to join it.》 She said nervously. 《WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU!!!》 I yelled of rage don't test my temper today because you sure as hell won't get away with it. 《Umm.. I found out when I went to my cousins house her name is Alissa you visited her yesterday.》 She said. 《Fuck.. were you with someone else?》 I asked worried. 《No》 she said simple. 《Okay.. You can join the gang but I want you to move in here.》 I said she just nodded and walked out the door. 《It's too fucking early for this shit.》 I said walking towards the kitchen too get alcohol. I couldn't find anything. 《ROSE!!》 I yelled she walked in. 《Yeah.. What do you want?》 She asked. 《Where did you put the alcohol?》 I asked starting to get mad. 《You don't remember? You smashed all the bottles when you got angry.》 She said I just sighed. 《Well I'll just drive to the liquor store then.》 I said walking towards the front door but Rose got in front of me. 《I don't think that's a good idea.》 Rose said which made me angrier. 《Rose I will personally overdose on drugs if you don't move your ass away from the door.》 I said Rose moved. I walked to my car got in an drive to the liquor store. I bought 3 bottles of vodka and 2 bottles of tequila then lastly I bought 1 bottle of whiskey. I drove home got to my room to see that Cayden was inside of it. 《What the fuck do you want?!》 I yelled I was angry he is a massive hot jerk. Did I really just think he was hot.. Well of course he's hot. 《I came too apologise and I bought you a present.》 He said giving me a box with holes in it. 《I don't fucking want a present I just want this day too be done. And I forgive you. People usually don't think when they talk and since your brain is so little it just had to be you that said something stupid.》 I said sassy. 《Ouch.》 He said holding on his heart. 《Okay I won't get mad I deserved it. But open your present.》 He said I just simply responded okay. I opened the box and saw the cutest little husky puppy I started to cry. 《Thank you so much.》 I said crying tears of joy. 《Anything too keep my little princess happy.》 He said. He kissed me on the forehead while I was holding the puppy. 《What are you going to name him?》 Cayden asks. 《Hmm... I really like the name Baxter and he looks like a Baxter.》 I said I sat down on the floor and started playing with Baxter. 《I love you my little boy.》 I said to Baxter. 《Wow I knew you love me.》 Cayden said mockingly. 《Haha. Very funny.》 I said sarcastic. 《I think I'm in love with you..》 I said unhearable. 《Princess? Would you want to go on a date with me?》 Cayden asked. 《Yeah sure when?》 I asked. 《Tonight at 6 pm I'll pick you up wear something fancy.》 He said jumping out my window. The clock was 1 pm so I have 5 hours but I don't need that much time so I decided too go to the graveyard with some flowers too my parents and little sis. Gosh I miss them. I drove and got some white roses then drove to the cemetery. I walked up to the grave where they were and put the rose's on it. 《Happy birthday little sis.》 I heard Alex say. 《It's not a happy day and you know it.》 I said. 《I know. I heard you and Cayden are going on a date tonight.》 He said how the fuck does he know that. 《How do you know that?》 I asked. 《Cayden. I want you to be careful around him.》 Alex said. 《I know I won't let him hurt me like Marco did.》 I said clenching my nails into my fist until I start bleeding. 《Well bye Alex.》 I said walking away. 《Bye sky.》 He yelled after me. I drove home and started to get ready the clock were 3 pm when I got home so I started getting ready.

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