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Kyoya woke up with a banging headache. He looked around his room. He didn't remember going to bed though.

"Kaoru?" He called out for his boyfriend. There was no response. That worried Kyoya. He reached for his phone and called him. Still nothing. So he called Hikaru.

"hello?" Hikaru asked into the phone. He didn't sound right. Something was off.

"Hey, Hikaru. It's Kyoya. Is Kaoru there?"

"Glad to see you're awake" Hikaru avoided the answer about Kaoru.

"Hikaru, is Kaoru there?"

"You know where he is Kyoya." Hikaru sounded sad. "And if you're going to bring that night up... Don't"

"What night?" Kyoya asked. Hikaru hung up on him.

"What happened?" He asked. He started to get frustrated and threw his phone at his wall, breaking it.

Fuyumi ran in. She looked at him and teared up then hugged him tightly.

"You're awake!" she buried her head into his shoulder.

"Why wouldn't I be awake?" She froze when he spoke. Something was off. Something definatly happened but no one was going to give Kyoya any details as to remembering it. He would have to find it out for himself.

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