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Pen Your Pride

Rocky takes the Vanilla icecream, sits next to the girls and eats it.

"MMMM, this tastes good af!" Ray says.

"Not as good as my Kool-Aid." Prod says rolling his eyes.

"You still on about that?" Roc asks.

"Over Kool Aid? Really?" Jazz says.

"Yes my damn Kool-Aid." Prod answers back with attitude. 


Rocky's Pov

Half way through my experiece talking to mb. I sort of think that we're starting to "bond" in that kind of way. But the way prince takes glances at me, sends a shiver down my spine and makes he quite, uncomfortable. Then i the distance i see Coco running up and coming straight to me. She kneels dow beside me with her ass in Prod's face. 

"Aye Rocky.. Ive been thinking about what you said. and i think i'll move on with it." Coco says smiling.

"So you've changed your mind that quickly?" I answer.

"Yup!.. But you cant lie the", Lowering her voice "Prod i fit ;)."

"Well.. If you like him, go get em!"

"Oh hell yeah i will."

"I think you've got him under your spell already.

I looks over her shoulder and see's prod taking quick glances at her butt and catches me looking and pretends to be looking out at sea. After everyone has finished and it was getting dark they set up a lil fire right by them watching the sunset.

"Who wanna play dare spin the bottle?!" Nae says breaking the silent breeze.

"Why not?" Ray agrees.

"If we do, i hope the bottle lands on a certain someone.." Say prince as he looks at me.

"Stop assuming. That'll never happen." rolling my yes as I answer back.

"You know you want to"

"If i ever did i'll use you as my cup and see how thristy i am!" 

Everyone oo's but gets on with the game. Roc gets an empty bottle and a get a stool and we start the game. I spin the bottle and it lands on Prince. Great. 

"I dare you tooo... dry hump ray!" I say as i smile devolicly.

"Oh HEEEEEEEELLLLLLL to the fucking NAW!" Yells ray.

"Are you ok? Do yo think im gay?"

"Well i never said that you were gay did i now? plus, ill give you a peck-" gets cut off.

"a kiss!"

"ok a kiss if you do it?"

"ITS A DEAL! RAY COME HERE!" He stands up.

"Have you gone high?" Ray says in horror.

"Ray ray...You don't want me eating this infront of you do you now?" Swaying two packs of hersheys.

"Umm well i.. do like hershey's hehe.." He stammers.

"You do want it dont you ray? and you do want that kiss?"

"HELL YEAH!" Prince and ray chant together.

"Ray come here!"

They start dry humping each other. Which has to be the most revolting thing ive ever seen in my entire life. When they stopped everyone were dying with laughter.

"Then we get back to the house, i think imma nee no blech my ass. But as you were saying rocky.. my prize." reminding me as i give ray the hersheys.

"and then there's me." prince says as he cups my face in his hands on kisses me longingly.

Everyone went quiet, staring an giving glances at each other. After we broke away, the first person i looked at was coco. she didnt look at all angry. She just, smiled. I looked down and felt uncomfortable right at that moment. I didt want to be around here no more. I stood up grabbed my things and walked off to my car. I looked inside my bag for the keys, but they weren't in threre.

"Shit." i mumbled as i slumped myself as i leaned on the car door. I felt a hand on my shoulder which made me scream and jump.

"Oh princ, its you.."

"sorry if i scared you. I just came to give you your keys."


"Aye, cheer up. It was only a kiss, right?"

"Yeah, only a kiss" i replyed opening the car door and throwing my bag on the passenger seat.

"Where you going?" Prince asked eagerly.

"Home." I said as i got in the car, closed the door and started the engine.

"I guess we'll take later?"

"Yeah, Right." I drove off with a zoom. after i tured a corner, looked at my rear mirror and saw prince's figure gradually getting smaller until i saw nothing.


As i reached home, the lights from the bedroom were off. Justin could be asleep, or awake. As i walked in i heard groaning. wtf? There best not be a girl in this house. I closed the door quietly and walked upstairs. Put my hand on the door knob, did a little prayer before i walked in to see him watching porn. I praised lord at that moment then. 

"So you couldn't wait for me so you HAD to do this?" I turned the light on as asked and put my hand on my hip.

"Sorry, i-i couldn't help it.." He replyed back Looking at my boobs.

I could tell he was i the mood cus he was hard af. I walked over to the bed, crossed my legs and bit my bottom lip.

"Come here tiger" i said seducivly, untying my bikini and rubbing my nipples.

"Oh, the tiger's back alright" He replyed.

BTW Justin is NOT Justin Bieber! Heck noo! Its Justin Combs with his sexy ass self ;D.

 next chap coming soon

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