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josh. (dun, dun, dun...)
i chase after the small boy who has been running around the classroom giggling for the past thirty minutes.

"come get meee" he squeals, running in a huge circle. he's so adorable. i finally catch up to the boy, picking him up by his waist and spinning him around to face me.

"so, little one, what class do you have next?" i ask. i can't let him stay next lesson, i have a class and i can't leave him unsupervised when he's little, can i?

"biowogy" he frowns, his doe eyes basically pleading with me to let him stay, but obviously, we are in school, and the boy needs to learn. he's already missed a bunch of lessons due to this.

"come on then, grab mr bear and your bag, and you should head to biology." i say, pointing to mr bear who is sat on top of a desk.

"nuuu!" he whines, crossing his arms.

"come on, tyler, you dont want me to take mr bear for the rest of the school day, do you?" i ask, my eyebrow raised. his eyes widen and he scrambles to his stuffie, picking him up and putting him in his bag carefully.

he then throws his backpack strap over his shoulder and runs out, saying "bai bai mistew dun."

he is a good boy, isn't he.

tyler's p.o.v

i sit in behind my desk in my least favorite class: biology. it's boring, and a lot of bullies seem to take this class,so it really isn't a great experience for me. i look around as the students start to pile int the large classroom, sitting with their friends.

i wish i had more friends. i mean, at least i have friends, but i would really like a friend who would stick by me all the time, someone who would sit by me in class, and someone who actually attended school everyday, unlike kellin and brendon.

but obviously, i would not be able to replace them boys, they have helped me through everything for the past few years, and to be honest, i love them almost as much as i love mr bear, which is a lot.

i open my biology book, but before i can start taking notes of what the teacher says, someone from behind me pulls the back of my hoodie, roughly.

"oww" i whine, trying to get the hood out of the persons grip. who is doing this? i look behind me, and tears pool at my eyes as i realize who is hurting me.


"kellie. stop. please" i cry, struggling to breath as the material is pulling on my neck.

"oh, shut up, idiot" he laughs, before tugging a bit more and letting go.

i feel something soft hit the back of my head, so i turn around and find a rolled up piece of paper on the floor. i grab it and open it slowly, scared to see what the raven haired boy wrote inside the paper.

'don't expect me to keep your secret, pervert'

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