Chapter 18- Must Have Her

Her long silky brown hair, pink lips, blue eyes, one amazing body. She reminds me of her so much.

"Sir, the are own their way to the park. Should we attack them?"

"Not yet."

I looked at the tv screen and they were holding hands. They were laughing. We used to do that before she, she-

"Sir, when will we get the sign?"


"But sir-,"

"Patience!" I roared.

"Yes sir. Sorry Sir."

The man left and closed the door. I stood up and walked to my drawer.

I got the picture of Heather and placed her on my desk.

~ Flashback ~

We laughed and laughed. Her laugh, her smile, I missed her so much.

"Hannah, I have to tell you something." we were on our favorite place, the cliff. I wad holding her hand ready to propose during the sunset.

"Nathan, what is it?"

I knelt down and looked in her eyes. She looked shock, but she knew where this was going.

"Ever since I met you at the small cafe, I would flirt with you and you would spill my coffee on purpose. I remember you would say 'Angelina Jolie is there' pointing at the window, I would turn around, and you would spill hot coffee. Things had changed. I became happier because of you. You made my life better. It's had been 4 years when I met you. You're my life right now. I don't care if people would hurt me. Fuck, I would even protect you when a gun is pointing towards us. I love you Hannah. I love you so freaking much. Would you marry me?"

She nodded her head and tears were rolling down on her face. "Yes!" she cried in my ams. "I love y-,"


Before she had said the words, she fell to the ground.


~ End of Flashback ~

I placed my hands to my head because I was stressed. I should have been the one who got killed. Not her!

After I saw her get killed infront of me, I was devastated. Why couldn't be me?!

I remembered that I went to her funeral. The moment I saw her laying down on the bed, she looked like an angel.

This was all Aiden's fault! He was the one who killed her! Ever since I proposed to Hannah, he should have given the money to our enemy!

I knew I would have revenge on him. He must pay the consequence.

Death should do it.

He should feel how Hannah died.


Yes, PAIN!

I knew Heather would be the death of Aiden. All I just have to do is make Heather's death fake, kill Aiden, and get Heather to myself.

She looked so alike just like Heather.

Therefore, I must have her.


Awww, he was just like Aiden and Heather, young love.

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