Chapter 2 - Perfect, My Angel

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I helped move things around in my grandad's Italian restaurant, placing boxes of fresh goods back at the kitchen.

"Nonno! I've brought the last box! D'you want me serving now?" I called up the stairs to his house area of the resturant. Yeah, he lives above the place.

"Please, il mio amore!" He shouted back. "I'll be down soon, piccolo." I smile then head out into the front, nodding at one of the workers as a greeting. And my day begun. This meant that the first 10 hours of my day were spent in the restaurant, then I'd go to the library to plan, then I come back home to hack. I live with my Grandad, for three reasons. 1) I ran away from home at 16 after my father died, and away from Veronica. 2) My grandad is ill, and Veronica's too much of a stuck up bitch to care that her father's dying. 3) I love my Nonno, and I'd happily work in his resturant until the day I die.

I happily placed orders for the next three hours, also helping with delivering them to the tables. I quickly glance at my phone, hoping that I'd get at least an e-mail from S.H.I.E.L.D regarding the information on my father. Someone clears their throat at the counter in front of me. "I'd like a small peperroni pizza please." I freeze, recognising the voice then look up. I smile slightly at the blonde haired blue eyed Super Soldier. He smiles back, leaning on the counter. "Do I get a superhero's discount?" He joked. I laugh then look at my hands.

"No, because you jumped me," I tell him. "But you will get your pizza."  I call his order, then return back to him. He smiled, looking at me for a moment. "What?" I ask. He shook his head.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." He said. "Do you train?" He asked, then chuckled nervously and shook his head. "I mean, do you work out - lift weights and stuff?"

"I don't lift weights, but I punch things." I answer. "Usually men who try to defy me." He rose a brow, making me laugh. "I was joking. Although there have been times where, I've broken people..." I admit quietly. He nods slowly.

"So, do you do anything else here at the restaurant?" He asks, looking around, his hat pulled over his face. I nod then smile shyly.

"Yeah, I, uh.. I sing.." I answer, nodding towards a mini stage at the back of the retaurant.

"Will I get to hear you sing?" He asks, shocking the both of us because he cleared his throat and stood up straight, and I gasped and felt my cheeks heat up.

"Uh, If you want to- I mean- I-I don't go on until the next twenty minutes, unless you're willing to wait-"

"I'll wait. I've been frozen in ice for nearly 70 years, 20 minutes is nothing." He says with a shy smile. I smile back, and look behind me as his order came.

"See you in 20 minutes." I say, handing him his plate. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and my grandad chuckle.

"Tesoro, you never told me you had a lover," He held his hand out to Steve. "I'm Leonardo. Her grandfather - or nonno, as we call it in Italian." His voice thick with his Italian accent, as he shook Steve's hand.

"Steve." Steve said, once he'd let go. He then looked around and whispered. "Steve Rogers." My grandad gasped then chuckled.

"I should've seen it before! It's the handsome face of yours. No wonder my piccolo here is fond of you!" He chuckled agai, taking Stave's face in his hands.

"Nonno!" I warn. "Who said anything about me being fond?"

"Tesoro, you wouldn't shut up about him since you got home, yesterday." He answered. He then nodded at Steve. "It's true." He chuckled again, then kissed Steve's cheeks in his Italian way. "Have a lovely day, you two."

"Two?" We ask at the same time. Nonno laughs and nods.

"Look at him, you think he's gonna eat such a fatty product on his own? Go join him!" Then he walked around me, and playfully pushed me to the side. I laughed and took my apron off.

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