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⚠ This may be upsetting for others and I don't want to hurt anyone through my writing. If it does I'm truly sorry. I'm always here to talk. ⚠

Your POV:
"It's not really a big deal Y/N. She was just a fan." Brooklyn told me. "Well it didn't look like it to me." I snapped back. "She was the one that kissed me not me. Why don't you believe me?!" Brooklyn said getting angry. The others came into the room to see what was going on. "Brook. It's not what the fans sent me." I said tearing up everytime I remembered what happened in that video. I took my phone out and showed him that video. Tears began to brim in my eyes. Brooklyn handed me my phone back. He looked up with tears in his eyes. "It's not what it looks like." He sobbed. I couldn't do it anymore. "You lied to me... I can't do this." I said crying harder. Rye stood between us and Andy stood near me. "I'm done." I said picking up my bag and leaving the room.

I walked out of the door and Andy ran after me. "Andy, forget it. I knew he didn't love me as much as I loved him. I really did love him. I'm sorry I'm going. It was nice knowing you." I said crying my eyes out. "Y/N...please." He said. I nodded my head and left the flat. Tears fell down my cheeks and I ran home.

- - - -

A few days after mine and Brooklyn's break up, I was still a wreak. He's probably a wreck to. The roadies have been sending me hate messages and stuff. I just ignored them. I was walking home in the park and it felt like I was being followed. I definitely did not like this feeling. I ran as fast as I could but that person caught up to me and grabbed my wrist. Pain came to my arm and I realised he was hitting me. I have no clue who this person was and why they were doing it. After he hit me a few times I managed to get free and run. That guy followed me but I lost him as I ran towards the houses.

The lads flat was near by and that was the best place for me to go. Even though I didn't want to be there I had to as it was closest. I ran inside and waited outside their door not wanting to go inside. I cried my eyes out as I was hurt. I'm just hoping that none of them will hear me.

Mikey's POV:
Brooklyn hasn't been himself since him and Y/N broke up. He hasn't eaten in days but only a little but not enough. When we went to the studio he got told to focus but he couldn't as he wasn't himself. All of us lads have tried everything to cheer him up. "I messed up." Brooklyn said as tears came to his eyes. "I loved her a lot. She love me. But I didn't see that." He carried on and started to cry. "Brook. She might come back. Just you wait and see." Jack said. "Might. More like never." He said curling up in a ball on the sofa. I got up and went to use the bathroom.

I walked past the front door once I'd finished with the bathroom and heard crying coming from right outside the door. I looked through the peep hole and saw Y/N standing there crying her eyes out. She looked like she was in pain and she looked hurt. "Guys?!" I shouted and they all came over to me. Brook came over last as he took his time getting here. I'm not sure how he's going to react. They all looked at me with a confused look on their faces. I took the door handle in my hand and opened the door. All eyes ended up on Y/N and saw the state she was in. We were all in shock.

Your POV:
The door opened and all their eyes were all on me. I had bruises on my arms and a few on my face. I looked up and they all looked shocked. I saw Brooklyn and broke down even more. He saw me and came running over to me. I fell into his arms and he whispered things into my ear to calm me down a bit. "What happened?" Brook asked. "I got attacked by someone and they hit me a few times. That's why I've got bruises." I explained trying not to cry again. They all look worried. "Come inside." Rye asked me. "I don't want to bother you guys." I mumbled. "You're not. Come on." Brook said leading into the flat. All the others got in the flat and Brooklyn shut the door behind us.

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