Chapter 19

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A/N: Yay so I am happy with this chapter! So I hope you little beans enjoy it! Have a great time reading! Enjoy listening to Centuries!

Location: My Multiverse

I took Ink's memory of what he just went through and I smiled as an idea popped into my head, a fabulous idea to punish Destiny for trying to trick me. I looked for Error and I yanked him out of Undertale right in front of Papyrus, that would leave a mark, but I could fix that.

I wiped away the paint on. Him and I almost dropped him. When I saw what was under the paint, he remembered his name. Is Undertale really that similar to his AU? I shook my head I would have to reset everything if that was the problem which it did appear to be. I snarled.

"Damn it! And this Multiverse got so far too..." I groaned. I took Error's and Ink's memories of everything and I expanded an AU and watched it collide. I watched the Multiverse almost collapse, but the Anti-VOID stopped it like I had planned if anything like this happened. I destroyed all of the debris and I put Error where he belonged and I placed Ink where he belonged and let them take it from there, it started so quickly I thought it was a dream for a second.

My mind wandered to Destiny and I smiled let's see if they can survive two Multiverse collapsing on them. I laughed they were still weak from the first one. I laughed it took them forever and they actually attacked me when they got out. The only gave me a small cut that has already healed by now, but now if Destiny got out the wouldn't even be able to even hit me. I laughed this is going to be so entertaining!

It would take Destiny years and years before they could get enough energy or power to stay up for a few hours I laughed and laughed. My Multiverse has time to grow and I could make Error worse, beyond repair, I could make my Multiverse more secure.

All I had to do was sit and watch.

Location: The Last Multiverse

I practically flew to grab Sans and Fell. I held them close to me and I expanded my body and used my body to shield them from the debris. The two skeletons looked at me fearfully as I opened a hole into the Multiverse with my hands and I pushed them out of it. The hole closed on me several times, but I could hear the skeletons root for me as I finally opened the hole wide enough and I push and pulled myself out of that terrible collapsing Multiverse. When I finally got through I laid on my back and looked around exhaustedly for Fell and Sans. I grabbed them before they could float far away.

"You wouldn't mind if I got a little bit of rest right?" I asked the two before I started to fall asleep. The two monsters didn't really have a say in me sleeping because I fell asleep before the answered me. I was holding onto them so the wouldn't float away when I fell asleep.

Location: Unknown
Mission: ...uh is this necessary right now?

I looked at Fell worriedly as Destiny quickly fell asleep. We waited a while before we started to whisper to another.

"You look like hell." Was the first thing Fell said. I rolled my eyes.

"so do you." I shot back at him making him chuckle.

"so now that we established that we need to come up with a plan until little mystery god here wakes up." I said motioning to the gigantic human holding onto us.

"Yeah... the first thing I want to do is get to our Multiverse. Maybe this... uhh... whatever they are... can help us out with that?" Fell suggested, I nodded and ignored the temptation to say something about him having a brain, I didn't want to wake up the fucking thing that saved us, and could potentially kill us if they wanted to.

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