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Tuesday. September 28, 1999, 8:30AM
Day one of a new school, and like many who transfer schools, in real life and the movies, Ciel Thomson was nervous, he was this small teenager of five feet two inches, with a small feminine face, and neck-length hair that curled at the ends, like a princess; the only thing that stopped people from assuming he was girl, was that he wore sweatpants and whenever he moved, his bulge was noticeable. After being introduced to the class, he was sat near the window, which was nice until he realized that he was sitting next to this Goliath teenage girl, she was at least five feet ten inches, with hair braided like a crown around her head, and muscles which made her look like a fierce Amazonian Queen. "Uh h-hi, nice to meet you" Ciel said, attempting to socialize, she looks at him, and instantly he shrinks, but he continues. "What's your name?" Ciel asked, persistent to get a response despite his fright, "Erin. Erin MacCool-Bulan" she says finally before going back to reading the textbook, this girl was not only terrifying, but also enigmatic, she read the textbook as if it was a novel, and, in a way she was beautiful, the delicate sun caressing her face caused her skin to glow, her chartreuse eyes were trained on the text in front of her. The teacher, a thirty-something man named Mr. Aldo, comes over and whispers in Erin's ear, she looks at him "I won't, I'm mad at him anyway" she says simply before going back to reading, Ciel opens his textbook and begins to read.

Tuesday. September 28, 1999, 3:00PM
Ciel looked up at the sky it was so beautiful, he takes a deep breath before beginning to walk home, as he walks he notices Erin walking up to a black 1991 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, and casually gets in, he sees a teenage boy, the epitome of teenage masculinity like a high school movie bad boy sitting in the driver side, he must have met something to Erin because she kissed him lovingly. Ciel stares for a moment before continuing to walk, regretting that he stared at something so private, he tries to erase the image from his mind as he continues to walk home.

Tuesday. September 28, 1999, 4:00PM
Sex inside a Z28 while parked at a graveyard, not ideal, but in the heat of the moment, it'll do for now. Erin and her lover were in the back of the Camaro, getting ready to screw each other silly, it was hot, sweaty, and most important, cramped as they were both tall individuals. Clothes were ninety percent off, Erin grabbed his dick and began to stroke it, while he fingered her, both were ready to fuck but the sound of knocking on the car window stopped them. They both froze, when the sound got louder, like an angry father was knocking; turned out to be a rather angry older brother, "Erin MacCool-Bulan!" a older male voice roared before the driver side door was torn off to reveal a rather pissed Mr. Aldo, or as Erin knew him, Morrigan. Thirty-four-year-old Morrigan MacCool-Aldo has steam emitting from his nostrils, eyes were murderous, teeth were wolf-like and the muscles in his body were threatening to tear off his shirt, he grabs Erin by the mop of curls that sat on her head, and begins to drag the naked girl away while threatening to kill the boy who sat there in shock with his half-hard penis still out.

Tuesday. September 28, 1999, 6:00PM
Erin may be fifteen years old but she was still a little five-year-old in Morrigan's eyes, which is why she's getting spanked with a piece of two-by-four, she cries out when the piece of wood makes contact with her rear, "I don't want you to go anywhere near him again do you understand!" Morrigan yells, Erin silently nods, he drops the wood, he points towards the bedroom and tells her to go to bed. She goes and crawls into bed after locking her bedroom door, she stares at the wall in the dark as she forced herself to sleep even though the night was still young.

Wednesday. September 29, 1999, 6:00AM
Erin sat with her 15 siblings at breakfast, eating the rich plates her mother kindly prepared in silence, that is until Morrigan told the whole family of Erin's antics last nights, the patriarch, Aiden MacCool spoke, "Erin, I understand that you believe that you love this man, but you must remember that with your lineage you are-" Erin interrupts him by finishing his sentence "-more fertile than the human population, the human fertility rate is 2.79, while our lineage has a fertility rate of 12. I understand this Sir, we were planning on using a condom and if needed we would have engaged in anal sex" Erin says casually, before sipping her coffee, but her words caused everyone at the table to either choke on their food or to laugh so hard that pieces of garlic fried rice shot out their noses.

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