Chapter 1 -Starting

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Dear Journal,

Today was Monday. I used to frown upon Mondays; that was a time when I would have to go to a torturous, small school in Forks, Washington. The allotment caused years of atony for me; if it was possible for vampires to even withhold such a thing as energy. 

 Namely, Mondays used to be a thing I dreaded, but now I delved Mondays; it was a time when I got to take my daughter to school with my Bella.

 Renesmee was now six years of age, although she looked like she was nearly seventeen. Her aging has been slowing down, which is a good thing, I suppose. Although, I was not particularly fond of her looking a bit older than me, but I coped with it.

In half a year, according to Nahuel, Renesmee will reach full growth; and stay there forever. I didn't really like the fact that she was almost all grown up, like any other typical father, which I suppose I am, but it was something I was going to have to live with.

Renesmee started school last year, in the tenth grade. Our excuse for Renesmee's lack of former school records was homeschooling. Yet, why would we waste time educating a child that was more intelligent than an average adult?

Our family had moved to Alaska from Forks about nine months ago; which would prosper because Bella had told the citizens of Forks that when she graduated that she would attend college there.

Today was the first day of the eleventh grade for Renesmee. She didn't seem overly excited. I guess I would understand if 11th grade wasn't the year that I met the love of my existence, Bella.

During Renesmee's tenth year of school, she had made numbers of friends. She had been what humans pointlessly considered popular. In other words, meaning, quieter, less talkative humans envied her.

I supposed that that was a pleasant thing, the humans liking her. She was half human. But, she did indeed possess half of a monster's chromosomes.

Yet, the blood that ran through her body saved her from a high school career like my families'. People knew we were different. They knew to stay away. Their instincts told them that, whether the thought actually processed through their minds or not.

"Bella, is Renesmee prepared for school?" I catechized, although I knew the answer; yes. Although I could not read Bella's mind, I could read Renesmee's.

 I stared inconspicuously around the room I was positioned in. It was the cabin that Esme had built Bella, Renesmee, and I to take place of the cottage in Forks. I assume you could name it a cabin, hiding the fact that it is three stories high. Esme had also taken the honor of building Jacob a cabin across from ours.

Jacob had moved with us from Forks to Alaska; for the fact of not being able to be apart from his imprint. Jacob and Renesmee were dating now. At least, I prayed to the heavens that that is all it was. I wasn't fully alright with the situation, but it was another thing I would have to cope with; a mutt spending his every second drooling over my daughter.

 Although, I do like that he cares so much about her, I wished that Jacob would let Renesmee have time with her family, instead of a twenty-four seven schedule with Jacob. I've learned to care for Jacob in a way. Not too extensive though. Hmm...Similar to, if he died, I would most likely feel a since of sorrow. Unless, he messed up that status on a high level. If that were the case, then I would probably be delighted to be the cause of his death.