Chapter 2: In Which His Breath Hitches

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"Oh so umm.... you're a prisoner on parole... right umm.... i'll think about it you know renting you the house cause you see there might be other people wanting to rent the place for more, i'll let you know " with that the lady shut the door on Noah's face with a tight big smile.

'They'll think about it' that's what all of them say when in reality they don't even take his phone number to actually give him a call and 'let him know" . Just reading the word prisoner on his credentials made them decline him a place to stay and he couldn't possibly rent a hotel room since his credit card only had enough money to pay a two times rent at most and he couldn't spend that on a hotel room instead of a permanent shelter until he had a job , he hasn't even started to look for a job so he had been sleeping on a park bench since the last two days since he had got out of prison. The hard wooden park bench had his muscles and bones aching .

It was evening now and after a whole day of an apartment search on an empty stomach Noah was now famished . He saw a diner right across the street where he was standing named 'Bluebell's" and with the thought of food he made his way towards the diner.

As he entered the bells of the diner chimed . The diner was really elegant with the unusual theme of chocolate and pink yet it looked really stylish and elegant , the owner seemed to have one hell of a taste in decor.

Noah took a seat at the corner window side table and picked up the menu. He straight went to the burgers section and simply decided on a big beef burger with a coke .

Just as he was about to call for someone to place his order , a waitress was already in front of him with a small note pad which was decorated with stickers .

Noah looked up to catch a glimpse to the girl's face and what he saw had his breath hitched in his throat . She was breath taking . She didn't have sharp features , her features were simply soft and angelic on her cherubic face with the natural pink on her cheeks, the cute little button nose , bow shaped lips and big grey eyes. If breath taking was a person she would be it.

"...... Sir ... sir" Noah stepped out of his trance when he heard her calling him.

"Oh umm sorry... what were you saying?" Noah asked shaking away his thoughts.

"It's quite alright sir i was just asking what would you like this evening ?' she asked smiling up a genuine smile at him . Not the fake up tight smiles he had been receiving from people.

God she even sounded angelic.

"Right i would have a beef burger with coke" he said .

"Alrighty then , anything else?" she asked and he shook his head passing her a slight smile.

"A beef burger and a coke coming right up" she said and with that she went off towards the kitchen .

Now looking at her from a distance Noah noticed how short she was maybe near 5'3 it really amusing and suiting towards her personality .

Noah never stuck on thinking about a girl or even find one breath taking they were mostly either hot or in some cases gorgeous and sexy but never were they breath taking but she was . However he had to get a grip on himself since he didn't know her and he didn't wanna scare her off. God was that the last thing he wanted to do even though he knew he was seriously damaged goods.

He sighed and looked around the diner , his eyes landing on a booth right across where there was a bunch of girls sitting looking right at him, eyeing him up and down while whispering and giggling . Yes that's the type he was used to.

Noah waited for his food to come all the while admiring the diner and thinking about the girl.

His wait came to an end when his beef burger and a coke for placed in a tray right in front of him . He quickly looked up to catch a glimpse of the girl's angelic face again but much to his disappointment it was a different waitress this time.

Noah sighed and dug into his food. The burger was quite big and it was really delicious.

After he was done with his meal , he asked a waitress for the bill who went in some where in the staff room to fetch it.

While Noah waited for the bill to come his eyes landed on the girl again , she was actually standing near the soft board right across him which had all sorts of notifications and adds . She seemed to be placing something on the board .

Noah watched carefully , not being able to take his eyes off of her . After she seemed to had placed the notification that she was placing on the board she moved aside and walked back into the staff room .

Noah squinted his eyes a little to read the notification and to his surprise he saw that the notification said 'in need of a roommate' and a contact number along with address . to Noah it was an opportunity.

"Yea Wendy came down with a cold today so i decided to do some waitressing as well to help the staff out" Bluebell told her fellow cook Ramsay .

"You're the best boss someone can ever have" he said flipping a patty and Bluebell gave him a toothy grin as she made her way out into the diner hall.

Just as she was about to go to another table to take the family's order , someone tapped on her shoulder to get her attention.

She turned around placing a wide smile on her face and she saw that it was the same guy she took the order of a while ago . Apparently all her waitresses had been gushing over him and it would be a total lie if someone said he wasn't handsome , he was really handsome and muscular and like really really tall .

"Hi what can i do for you sir?" she asked

"Yea i uh.... saw you placing this on the board and i am in need of a place to stay" he said and Bluebell's face lit up on hearing that .

She finally would have someone in her apartment , she wouldn't be creeped out in her lonely apartment and she would actually have someone to talk to after work and also she wouldn't be scared of the slight creeking noise that the wooden floor makes at night knowing she had company in her apartment .

"So you're interested?" she asked excitedly.

"Yea" he replied.

"That's great , i am Bluebell by the way" she introduced extending her hand towards him

"I am Noah, Bluebell like the name of this diner ?" He asked introducing himself in the process while shaking her extended hand.

He had such a big warm hand , her hand felt like a child's hand in his . The warmth felt really good.

"Oh yes this is my diner actually" she told him proudly.

"Its very nice' Noah complimented and she beamed up at him.

"Thank you , i love this place too" Bluebell said and Noah smiled at her .

"So about that place , how about we discuss it in an hour when the diner closes up?" Bluebell asked.

"Yea sure but do you mind if i just wait here?" Noah asked

"Oh no not at all , you go have a seat" she said smiling and Noah internally sighed at her breath taking smile.

Now there was only one thing on Noah's mind , will she too give him a petrified look when she knows he is a prisoner?

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