Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

We all sat down to the table after I finished cooking some pork chops. Mom was being very quiet and so were my sisters. It didn’t feel right. Normally there would be fighting, Mom would be yelling, and I’d be forced to eat dinner later while I cleaned up the table.

“So, how’s dinner?” I casually asked.

“It’s really good,” Hailey enthused.

“Yeah, it’s the best cooking I’ve had in awhile,” Lisa agreed.

“You can say that again,” Mom rasped. “After you left, these two idiots had to cook. God pray that their husbands are rich and can cook.”

I looked apologetically at both of them. I took another bite of my pork chop before setting my knife and fork down. I looked at my mom and then at her lit cigarette. I may regret what I’m about to do.

“Mom,” I said. She looked up from her meal to me. “Have you ever thought about trying to quit, smoking that is.”

“Brenna, it is not your place,” she started.

“Just hear me out,” I pleaded. She stopped talking and gestured for me to go on. “What if you stopped smoking? It’s likely that you’ll look younger. Not that you don’t look young. But smoking can often be a turn off. I bet you’d get a lot more men. Also, you’d live longer and feel better.

“Now you don’t have to quit cold turkey and we can all help you. There are patches and medicines. I just really feel like you should think about getting rid of those cancer sticks. It’s not only hurting you, but those around you.”

My mom stopped eating. She put out her current cigarette and got up. I was expecting her to hit me or lash out at me. Instead she walked out of the kitchen. I sat looking blankly at my plate.

“What did I just do?” I asked to no one in particular.

“I’m not sure, but we’ll help you get through it.” Hailey placed her hand on top of mine. I smiled. Well, that doesn’t necessarily make me feel better.

I rinsed my plate of in the sink before going back to my room. I hope I did not just sign my death wish. I shimmed out of my jeans and then remembered about my clothes at Preston’s. I put on my pajamas and pulled a sweatshirt over my head.

I used our home phone to call a cab. I did not feel like talking to my mom about borrowing the car, especially after that awkward dinner. The thought of my mom didn’t leave me once I got in the back of the cab. I was left there to think about her and the possibility of me making her angry.

I got out of the cab and handed him some money. He gave me back some change and I headed towards Preston’s room. Drew was knocking on Nick’s door. I tried to hide my face as I passed. It is just not my day. The next thing I knew I was getting pushed against the wall.

“Hey, what are you doing!” I yelped.

“Brenna, do you know what you did to Michael,” he said through gritted teeth.

“Do you know what he did to me!” I yelled.

“Brenna, you broke his heart,” Drew continued.

By that point we started to attract attention. Whoever was left from vacation made their way into the hall. Drew had me pinned against a wall. This doesn’t look good for him.

“Drew?” someone asked.

“Let go of me,” I gasped.

“Drew, let go of her!” someone yelled. One minute Drew had me pinned against a wall, the next he was pinned against the floor.

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