When it was finally time to go it was almost dinner time and I hadn't talked to Diggy all day. So as soon as we got into the car I was eager to call Diggy.

"Come on y'all I'm ready to go!" I hollered taking a seat in the passenger side.

"Calm your tits we're coming" Jazzy replied.

Jazzy placed the key inside the ignition and roared the engine to life. The guys piled into the back seat and I turned the music up. The whole ride to the mansion I kept feeling Ray Ray's eyes on me. He was being such a little bitch about this and it was pissing me off to see him get all pissy about a prank. This is what he wanted and that's what he got.

We pulled up to the house and I jumped out of the car. I pulled my phone out of my bra and dialed Diggy's number. I pressed Talk and put the phone to my ear. I unlocked the door and ran up to my room as I awaited his answer.

"Hey baby girl" he said cheerfully.

"Hey love" I replied plopping onto my bed.

"How was your day?" he asked.

"It was good. A lot of damn work, but still good" I answered.

"The boys treatin' my girl right?"

"All of 'em except one"


"One word. Ray"

"How?!? What he do?"

"Well we're having a prank war and it started out cool and then I disabled his alarm clock and he got in my face in rehearsals today"

"Really? He tripped over that?"

"Yes!!! And you know I will get at a dude, so when he got in my face I held my ground"


I started to reply when all of a sudden my phone cut off mid sentence.

"What the hell?" I asked looking at my phone.

I dialed his number repeatedly and every time my phone would shut off. The fuck?! I jumped up and ran down stairs.

"Is anyone else's phone actin' all wonky?" I asked.

"Hmm... No" Ray said smiling.

The little smug smirk on his face let me know that he did it. And I was ready to scratch his eyes out.

"What the hell did you do to my phone?!" I asked walking over to him slowly.

"Nothing" he answered laughing.

"Ass hole yes you did!" I exclaimed.

I looked down at my phone. Not In Service the screen read.

"How long is it turned off you pile of pigeon turd!?!" I roared.

"Just a week.." he answered.

"A week?! A mother fucking week!" I screamed.

"I went hard. This is what you get" he replied.

"Roc, Jazzy from now on this is between Ray and I. Stay out of it" I ordered.

Ray sipped his Gatorade and I glared at him. I formed a fist and walked back and forth trying to find something to take my anger out on. I spotted a chair next to him and picked it up then tossed it at the wall. It split and half without leaving a dent in the wall. I mean mugged him once more before storming up the stairs.

"Damn!" Prod screamed.

"You pissed her off" Roc laughed.

"NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK!!!!!!!" I screamed from the top of the steps.

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