i hate you, i love you (Donnie x reader)

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(a/n) ok so the prompt is that reader and donnie always fight and get in each others way but something devastating changes that. reader and donnie realise that they cant fight all the time but dont know how to stop until......


y/n's P.O.V

'I cant believe he said that! he doesn't know anything!' i thought as i sat in my room remembering what that gaped toothed jerk said about me not being smart enough to ever invent something. i slowly got up off my bed and walked over to my closet and pulled the Zap Bot i mad out and set it next to my target "Zap Bot attack!" I said pointing at the target. my bot zapd the wooden target to the point where it turned to ashes " who cant invent anything." i said aloud with a giggle, oh i'll show him alright.

Donnie's P.O.V

'why would she ever think she has the brain power to invent something better than chemicals!' i thought remembering what that dumb (h/c) girl said "ugh why do i keep thinking about this!!!" i shouted at the top of my lungs "yo don ya ok?" Raph said from outside my lab "yeah, im fine" i shouted back  "hey guys have you seen the egg head around?" i heard her voice 'great' i thought as i went to lock the door but her foot got caught in the door. "what do you want." i said in a monotone voice "oh just to prove you wrong." she said 'oh how can she prove me wrong ' i thought as i pulled her in the lab and locked it. "prove it." i hissed out she set up a small robot and a block of iron " get your chemicals" she said sounding hopeful i grabbed my chemical and a cardboard box "ok lets do this." i said looking at her "ZAP BOT ATTACK!" she screamed and pointed at the iron block, the robot then zapd the iron until it melted on my table " my turn" i said smirking 'this better work' i thought as i put a drop on the cardboard and a cloud of smoke came up and speld out "i hate you" in bright yellow "i showed it to mikey." i said with a smerk " i showed mine to mikey to." she said with a pissed look "hey guys i've decided who's better, i think Y/n's is cooler than your's Don." mikey said and walked away "damit!!" i said "ha, you were wrong!" she said with a smile 'god why do i have to like her.' i thought. "Y/n, i-" i cut myself off by dropping a chemical i made on her hand "wtf-" she started but saw the bright Purple "I like you" in the air "d-d-don-" "its ok if you dont like me back..." i said handing here a towle "shut up." she said kissing my cheek and walking away with a blush on her cheeks 'so cute' i thought as i cleaned up the mess 


i know it's not much but im trying my best to think of ideas, i would really appreciate it if someone would request something, any thing. 

By Love's ~Marcellus

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