Search and Rescue

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Lately, you and Thranduil haven't been on the best terms. Your bond has been tense and you were worried that he was going to send you off. Why was he so tense though? Because his kingdom was falling before his eyes and no matter how hard he tried to keep it up and running, the outer lands were not giving him the results he wanted. It became a danger to himself, his people, and you most of all. He knew he had to protect you more than anyone.

One night, when you two were asleep together, the smell of smoke fills the air. You wake up in surprise and realize something is wrong before roughly shaking Thranduil awake. He's annoyed at first, but when he smells it, all of his concern drops and he immediately rushes out of bed to go into the hallway.

His guards were already awake, defending the castle. One elf runs up and explains to Thranduil what was happening. Thranduil gives out more orders to defend the castle for as long as they can against the intruders because he was going to get you out first.

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