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"new school new me," moon gayoung took a deep breath. "i swear to god i better graduate high school peacefully."

and god said, "not today."


ps: jihoon ain't any jihoon y'all know. i'm using the original character from the drama.


gayoung stood on the crowded bus. there were a group of senior girls near her that were gossiping. being the nosy person she is, gayoung couldn't help but eavesdrop.

"woahh look at that! jihoon and goohee are still going strong as a couple," one of them said. "i envy them."

her friend nodded, "remember what happened back when we were in our first year? that was hectic."

"it's so kind of them to help out juniors too," her other friend added.

gayoung thought to herself, damn they really do look good together. should i pretend to be lost so i can get to know them? nahh too lazy.

she sighed, feeling her legs ache, "this is getting tiring."

suddenly a boy who she stood next to stood up from his seat and showed his bright smile, "here, have a seat."

the whole bus was washed with whispers.

"w-who-what-no it's okay–"

without even letting her say anything else, he held her shoulders and gently forced her to take his seat next to his friend, who watched everything with the :o face.

he smiled, "a pretty girl like you shouldn't tire herself."

"a-ah thank you," gayoung shyly smiled and tried to hide from everyone's stares.


"gayoung over here!" her cousin, moon joohwi, waved to her as she saw gayoung step into the classroom.

gayoung gladly took the seat next to her, "looks like i'm curse to see you again, huh?"

joohwi rolled her eyes and hit gayoung's arm playfully, "you love me."

the two boys from before had entered the classroom, causing everyone to erupt in squeals. well from the girls, that is.

"damn are they idols are something?" gayoung mumbled.

"have you been living under a rock?" joohwi gasped. "it's na jaemin and lee jeno."

"ohh them," gayoung nodded. "yeah i don't really care at all."

joohwi shook her head, "gayoung being gayoung."


"do you really have to sleep over now?" gayoung whined. "i have to deal with an annoying brother and now you?"

"well yeah you have a big ass house and we live together and share the same room and we share a bunk bed," joohwi said. "i just can't sleep."

"well i can," gayoung pulled the covers over her head. "goodnight."

"hey gayoung you asshole!" joohwi pulled gayoung's blanket away. "you still haven't spilt the tea yet!"

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