(Chapter 6- Playing Along)

"Hey sweetheart Carol just told me the good news." My dad said once he spotted me.

"Um...well you see dad Austin is not my boy friend." I said nervously.  

"Well I heard you were kissing weren't you? I you don't go around doing that with boys that aren't your boyfriend do you?" He asked in his stern father voice.

"No but-"

"So we were right." He said cutting me off.

Great why did Carol have to walk in at the same time as me and Austin kissed. Does the world hate me or something?

"You should be happy. Now you have someone to go out with on the weekends." He smiled.

Something about his statement gave me a brilliant idea. So my dad is ok with me going out with Austin and that give me free reign on the weekends to do what I want. All I have to do is get Austin to go along with it I can let my dad think we are dating when really Iâm off doing whatever I want. Yes, this is perfect.

"Yeah dad your right, we just weren't ready to tell anyone yet." I said standing beside Austin and wrapping my arm around his.

The look on his face right now is priceless. I had a feeling he wasn't expecting that. I just gave him a fake dreamy smile and looked back to our parents. Please work I prayed silently to myself.

"Aren't they cute?" Carol gushed making me blush.

"Don't embarrass them." John scolded her.

"We should really get going." She said. "Shannon you should come over to our house for dinner this weekend."

"Uh sure." I fake smiled at her.

Linda and my dad saw Austin's parents to the door while Austin stayed behind looking at me smirking. I'm never going to live this down. He is never going to let this go now.

"What was that?" He asked obviously implying to what just happened.

"Just something that will work well for the both of us." I smiled.

"How so?" He questioned.

"Well let's see. Your parents seem to love us together for some reason so this will probably make them happy and let you get away with more." I hinted. "We don't actually have to date, just let them think that we are."

"What will you get out of it?" He asked.

"Well for one it would keep my dad off my back all the time and give me more freedom. All I have to do is let him think that I am going out with you and he will be happy and let me go where I want." I smiled.

"So the good girl turns bad." He smirked.

"I'm not turning bad, I just want to enjoy my senior year that's all and my dad can be very strict." I defended.

"Whatever, I still think this is out of character for you." He stated.

"How do you know?"

"Because I just do." He said.

"Ok so deal?" I asked.

"Yes but with a few terms of my own." He smiled mischievously.

"I'm not sleeping with as I have stated before and the rest we can talk about later. Your parents are watching." I said. We both fake smiled and looked at them standing outside the door talking to my parents.

"Fine, tomorrow at school." He said.

"Fine." I Nodded to his parents and walked off to my room alone. Let's just hope this goes as well as I hope.

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