Chapter 16

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Charles's POV:

Here I met my best friend after few days that seems like forever and there she is busy chatting with my other friend, but I can't even complain because I know how much they wanted to meet each other but that still makes me mad! I too want to chat with them and laugh along with them but I can't ditch my work now. If I ask Alex then he will let me take the rest of the night off but I don't want to do that and that too when it's this busy. It's also a good thing that the two important people in my life are getting along so well. Julia is not only my best friend but also a sister to me, she holds the most important part of my life and Deven has come to occupy the rest of my heart.
I am so happy to see Julia smiling like that. It was so painful to watch her a few months ago when her dad died but I think now she is much better and her smiles and laughter are much genuine. I hope she smiles just like this forever and ever. I want her to have a perfectly happy life.

Why did she drag Jayden along with her? And then she left him to sit alone! I will have to go and talk to him. I know she must have totally forgotten all about him.
I walked up Jayden who was working on his laptop.
"Umm...hello! Mr. Anderson!" I said and he looked up from his laptop.
"Yes?" He replied.
"Do you need anything?" I asked him.
"No, I am good." He said and went back to typing.
I wanted to talk to him and this is such a perfect opportunity. He is right here plus Julia isn't here but he is busy and I can't just disturb him. But, if I let this opportunity pass then I don't think I will get such a good time again.
"Do you need something with me?" He asked me and looked up.
"Actually, I wanted to talk to you." I replied.
"Go ahead." He said.
"Can I sit here?" I asked him.
"Sure." He said.
I sat down opposite him.
"You remember me? We met when you came to pick up Julia." I said. I want to make sure that he knows me too. I mean, he is such a great businessman and he is a busy person, he must have forgotten a nobody like me.
"You are Julia's boyfriend." He replied.
Boyfriend?! Julia said that he misunderstood our relationship but I thought that she might have made everything clear. I guess I should leave this to her.
"My name is Charles Wallace. You can call me Charles." I said and smiled.
"So, what did you want to talk about, Charles?" He asked me.
"I wanted to talk about Julia." I said and he closed his laptop giving me his full attention.
"I am really sorry about how she left you here even though she dragged you here with her." I apologized to him.
"She didn't bring me. I brought her here. It's so late and I can't let a woman go alone, right? So, I drove her here and will take her back too." He answered.
" you for driving her here." I said.
Didn't see this coming!!!! What is going on between them??!! Didn't she always complain that he is a heartless person but he is such a gentleman! Is there something that she didn't tell me about? But, I can't ask him and if she didn't tell me herself then there is no way that she will tell me on asking.
"She is my son's nanny and he is really attached to her so I have to see to it that she is safe too." He said and I nodded.
Did he really just did this for his son? It's hard to believe but Julia said that he loves his son a lot.
"Actually, there is something else that's more important. Look, I have known Julia all my life so I know she can be a really tough person to handle and she is really immature. She just blurts out whatever comes to her mind. She doesn't care who the other person is or what the situation is as long as she thinks she is right. She always loses her way when she gets curious and she loves to play the Sherlock Holmes roles. So, at times you might misunderstand her actions but trust me she is really pure at heart. You will not find such a pure-hearted person anywhere else. And she will take care of Zack really well too. She loves kids and since the time Zack called her mommy she has been really attached to him. She is the best person to take care of Zack. And please tell her if you want her to do something like how you want her to take care of Zack or what you don't want her to do, she is not good at reading between the lines so she won't know until you tell her. She understands my silence because we have been together since we were kids but she can't do that when anyone else is involved. I just want you to be patient with her, please." I said.
He just nodded his head.
"Anything else you want to say?" He asked.
"Please let her meet her friends often. She has only me and a few friends so she will want to meet us. You don't have to worry about today being repeated. I will come to get her at your house and will also drop her back. But, please don't deny her this request. She has gone through a lot after her mom was diagnosed with cancer and then her parent's death was a tragic event in her life so I want her to meet people who make her happy and smile a lot to make up for all those tears she shed so please let her meet me and all her friends." I requested.
He just nodded his head.
He really is considering what I am saying, right? I can't read his expression. I hope he thinks about what I am telling him. He should have at least said something! Just nodding her isn't an answer!!
"I am going back to my work. Call me if you want to order something." I said getting up.
"Ok." He said opening his laptop.

"Waiter!" Someone called and I walked towards their table. I looked back at Jayden, he really doesn't show much expression. I can't make out what kind of person he is.
I looked at Julia who is laughing with Deven. I am happy to see her like this. God! I missed her face, her laugh! I will go and disturb them after taking this order and I will take a break after ten minutes and talk to Julia.

The car drove off. Julia went back and I didn't get to talk to her. I feel so sad and down. I don't know when I will be able to meet her again and if Jayden understood what I was trying to tell him.
I looked at Deven, he enjoyed himself and accompanied Julia.
"Hey, don't be so down. She will come to meet again." Deven said and I nodded my head.
"Let's go back inside." I said and walked inside.

"What did you and Julia talk about?" I asked Deven as he was walking me to Julia's house where I am living alone.
I feel bad for making him walk me home but he parks his car there when he comes to pick me up. He walks me to the diner as well.
"It's a secret!" He said winking at me with his finger on his lips.
My eyes grew wide.
I am shocked! He has never winked at me before and never acted like this. He has always been serious when he was around me and talked less and I was the one who talked a lot.
Julia really told him something and he won't tell me and I doubt if she will tell me.
She loves to tease me and must have said something weird to Deven. She didn't tell him about my feelings, right?!! No, she can't do that but she is Julia and I can never predict what she does when she is in a mood to play around and have fun.
"What are you thinking?" He asked me and I looked at him.
"Nothing." I lied.
"You look really cute when you are thinking so seriously." He said looking ahead.
My mouth fell open. She really did tell him something!!!! I want to know what she sprouted out of that mouth of hers!!!
I forgot to ask for his address to Jayden. I should have taken his phone number as well. I will ask for it the next time I meet him.
I will call Julia tomorrow as soon as she gets free!!! I am gonna kill her if she told Deven something unnecessary!!!

So, this is Charles's POV. I thought of writing something else like the scene between Charles and Deven but then few of the readers wanted to read more about the leads than them so I thought of involving Jayden. I am thinking of writing about these two someday because they are an important part of this story!😍💞
Let me know if you liked the chapter. I skipped all the parts that were covered in Julia's POV in chapter 14 because it will just bore you all if I repeated the dialogues.🤔😅
I am posting Deven's pic on my Instagram account. Check it out!!!😘
And so sorry for not posting yesterday. I went to my cousin's wedding yesterday and was really tired to write after I came back home.😅

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