chapter six

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A couple hours after my welcome home from Jack I finally calmed down slightly and Jack returned either back to his bedroom or back downstairs to drink more beer. Either one makes me happy because that means he is no longer hurting me. For these past hours I have been in the same fetal position in the middle of my room and I can tell my stitches are about to blow.

Being as careful as I possibly can I unfold my body and work my way up to a type of crouching stand. As slow and steady as possible I hobble over to my bathroom and take a washrag and run it under some warm water so I can hold it against my stitches. For ten minutes I just stand there until I finally fill like my wound won't explode.

When I do straighten out my back I begin to do a little maintenance on myself as I asses what Jack has done to me again... Looking in the mirror I notice that surprisingly nothing looks to serious besides my stitches stretching and the giant bruise on my face from Jack slapping me. Splashing some cold water on my face I then begin to bandage up my stitches with some fresh gauze and sort of re-close them with some band aids.

Once that was done I make my way to my bed and curl up in a ball and think.... So many thoughts fly through my head, most of them being about ways that I can make it safely away from Jack , as others are of of the way Hunter cares for me. I think about these things for the next hour until I hear a small "dink" sound come from the window. I lay there for a second until I hear another "dink"

I slowly walk over to my window and see Hunter smiling up at me from the ground and holding a picnic basket in his hand.

" Hey, can I come up! My mom made you some chicken noodle soup and I thought I would bring it over!" Hunter called up showing off an amazing grin. Before I could even think about my actions I shake my head yes....and then I remember my giant barricade and the fact that my father is a drunken jerk.

As quickly as I can I begin to move all my furniture away from my door trying to be as quiet as possible so I wouldn't draw attention to my room from Jack. Luckily everything moved smoothly and fast enough so by the time Hunter appeared in my room I was just making sure the door was still locked.

" Shhhh!" I whisper to Hunter as he falls into my room from the window trying his hardest not to spill the soup.

" Sorry, I'm not as graceful as I look." and with that he quickly made it over to my bed and took a seat. " So how are you feeling?"

" Pretty good I guess, I still have a bit of discomfort...." and as I say this I flash back to Jack's abuse and instantly remember the huge bruise that Jack caused, so instinctively I put my hand up to my face and tried to cover it, "I'll be right back."

I ran into the bathroom and quickly did a little touch up job and made sure there was no visible bruising or redness and then walked back into the room. As I opened the door though I was confronted with Hunter making himself comfortable on my bed and spreading out a full meal of chicken noodle soup, cornbread, and some juice boxes.

" What is all of this?" I asked as I climbed back on my bed trying to avoid rubbing my stitches on anything.

" Well my mom thought you could use some comfort food, and well, I know this is for colds and stuff, but ... my mom's cooking is the best!" Hunter said as he blushed a little for an unknown reason. I took a second and just looked at him, smiled, and then began to stuff my face.

" Hunter you weren't kidding when you said your mom's cooking is the best! I haven't tasted anything like this in years!!!" I raved as I finished off my cornbread and chased it down with a sip from my juice box.

" What, your mom never cooks?" And with that Hunter knew he had hit a heavy subject from the way my gaze and attitude fell. 

" Well, she used too. We would have wonderful dinners almost every night and every time it would be a new recipe....but then she died and my whole life just sort of flipped out of control..." I looked up at Hunter and I could see the sadness in his eyes. For a second we stared at each other and our heads started to inch closer and closer. I thought we were going to kiss when we heard a crash come from downstairs and a long string of profanities follow it.

" Was that your dad?" with that comment I instantly went pale and began to shake.

" Hunter you need to leave! You have to get out of here right now!" I said panicking! I began to move my furniture back in front of my door and was surprised when Hunter began to help me.

" Why are you moving all of this stuff in front of your door? Jessica you are making me nervous.... I don't want to leave you alone!" Hunter said as we finished moving everything back in front of my door. All I could do was try my hardest not to cry in front of him and I could tell I was about to crack.

" Hey Brr-hat! Get dow-wwnn here and cle-upp-thish-mesh" Jack yelled slurring his words. This was followed with a loud thud and a crash which I am guessing was him passing out on the ground and breaking a beer bottle.

By the time the house was quiet again I was shaking like a lost puppy as Hunter pulled me into his chest and rested his chin on my head. He didn't even comment on what happened as if he already knew that I wouldn't want to talk about it. All he did was move us over to my bed and  held me as he rocked me back and forth.

" Hunter....will you stay with me...?" I whimpered out trying not to let out a sob of both embarrassment and sadness.

" Jessica, of course I will....I will always be here for you." and with that Hunter slowly rocked me to sleep as I listened to his steady breathing.


Yay!!! Two updates in a row!!!! I feel a little bit better about the quality of writing with this one but I don't know... I honestly think all of my writing sucks but apparently you guys like it ;) Anyways don't forget to comment your opinions along with some ideas you would like for me to apply into my future writings!!! I will try as hard as possible to start uploading normally instead of making you guys wait like months apart.....I left this story once for an entire year and then came back to it.....if you have stuck with me then you are a true wattpadder!!!! Thanks so much for reading!!

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