~ Settling In ~

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With a loud sniffle, 2B wiped her eyes with one arm and pulled him into a one-armed hug with the other. "Just shut up alright." She said, her voice quaking with despair. His words helped but, it was easy for him to say. He didn't have to bear the burdens she did. Maybe that was what she wanted. Someone like him deserved a chance to be someone, the chance to live.

As she regained herself, she watched him get things around for them so that they could live here until she was able to acquire and income. His statement made her nod. "I don't think I'm in the right mind to fix you up yet anyway. Perhaps a quick shutdown will benefit us both. I need to make sure the wireless data here isn't interfering with anything. My body's been trying to connect to the various networks all day."

It was at that moment that she'd liberated herself from the chains of emotionlessness that YoRHa demanded from her. Laying beside the male android, her arms wrapped firmly around him, holding him closely against her.

"Nines." She whispered softly. It wouldn't matter. Eventually, he'd die and the new 9S in the future wouldn't remember her but that was okay. Now she could finally express herself to him. 2B was still a stoic and level-headed AI but, she longed for someone's company and absolute trust as well. Beneath the brilliant mask of emotional distance, she was just like him, so attached and reaching for someone to cling to.

"Don't worry. I'll keep us safe until your systems fail and even then, I'll keep the Pod safe. I care too much to lose you again." Her eyelids shut as she basked in the warmth of his body. His soft skin and his short hair that bristled against her face. She would forever cherish these days they were given.

Sleeping for a few hours, 9S organised his system and repaired functions that couldn't be fixed with him awake.

The next day was a useful one for 9S. He would find what he would later realise was a 'free Wifi hot spot'. He began to 'surf the net' and try and learn how to survive in this new world. He explained what he had been working on later in the night.

"I've made us a bank account in a local bank, I've given us some money too, do not worry; I haven't stolen anything. It was a very good idea I had, you see, banking is to two decimal places and I took everything beyond the second decimal and transfered it into my account. Every day we are getting hundreds of 'dollars', the currency here in the Empire of America."

"There is a place nearby, remember the apartments we saw in the desert, it is like that. I have rented one for a few months, using the money that I found."

When they saw the apartment, it was a simple and cheap place, a single bedroom with a kitchen and living room in one small area. It was as basic as could be but they did not need much.

As they'd entered the apartment, 9S was explaining everything he'd done. 2B was thankful that she had such a resourceful person with her on this odd journey she'd been forced into. The abode he'd rented out was small but, it'd suffice. It wasn't like they needed anything extensive like a home. In fact, an apartment was perfect for concealing their identities as androids.

There was even a kitchen where they could prepare and consume human food. There was never a desire or need for her to eat until now but, it seemed that this time period had a surplus of resources compared to where they came from. The two of them could actually live like humans did and find out more about the creators they were programmed to admire.

"So, we use dollars electronically to pay for this place? Hm... That kind of capitalism doesn't sound very stable but I suppose we have to adapt accordingly." She was beginning to realise that doing odd jobs for cash wasn't going to be as easy here as it was in the future. Everyone had a place and a purpose in organisations and companies. She'd have to fall in line, once again. It wasn't like she wasn't used to being a number.

"Nice work."

"You can take the bedroom, I am fine with the sofa." 9S grinned as he walked inside and stood looking out the window.

2B turned her head, glancing over at the small sofa in the living room. "9S... That's not necessary. I don't need a whole bedroom to myself. I just need some closet space and a few blankets." 2B was somewhat of a minimalist. She didn't demand things like a huge bedroom or a lot of material possessions. Perhaps it was due to being so accustomed to living in a bunker or maybe she wasn't aware of the boundaries that men and women who weren't involved typically didn't share a room. Especially given all the times she'd allowed 9S to watch her sleep without saying a word against it.

"Besides, aren't sofa's for sitting on and enjoying one another's company? They aren't meant for spending night after night on." She was trying to be logical and considerate but, she knew that it didn't matter either way to him and that he was just being his typical polite self by offering to take the smaller living space.

"It is fine, you are the older female and you will be doing most of the work around here. I am sure that no one would hire a child looking boy like me." 9S explained as he got the room and apartment into place.

"I got some paper money here." He handed her it and explained what the current amount was. Sitting on the sofa, he turned on the TV that came from the room and sat watching the news, he wanted to learn about the world they lived in and what history was occurring, but soon found himself going through sitcoms and other TV shows.

He was almost like a child as he watched some cartoons, grinning and cheering all the way through the night as he sat there all night.

2B sat down beside him on the sofa. The two of them watched this strange device together. Despite her remaining a bit stoic and dazed, she enjoyed the programs. They were a nice distractions from the harsh realities of the situation and it provided insight for how certain humans act around one another.

When it got to the point where he was watching cartoons and cheering, a tiny smile adorned her face. He was so happy to be somewhere where he could learn more about their creators and what they were like. He always thought they were strange and perplexing but, now he could finally watch them in action. Cartoons like these seemed to invoke joy in the two androids as well.

It was so liberating to be away from that dreaded emotion prohibition. Without much thought, she leaned on his shoulder as they watched the television. Androids had advanced technology but, they usually just shared everything through mutual data exchange. Without that , 9S and 2B had to communicate through language. They couldn't send each other coordinates or maps, at least not as efficiently as the future allowed.

"Hey, Nines..."

Her voice was soft and kind, not like her usual in the slightest. She'd also called him 'Nines' twice since she'd arrived here.

"Thank you for getting me through this. I would be completely lost without your help." It was his job to aid her in any way possible but, it was still nice that he'd done so many things just to ensure her safety. In a matter of a night, he'd learnt how things in this time period had worked and all he asked in return was a spot on the sofa. What a strange guy he was. Sometime soon, she'd have to start searching for a job on the Internet and going from place to place applying for work. Compared to YoRHa field work, a job here sounded like a vacation.

Looking over at 2B as she spoke softly, 9S smiled back at her.

"It is no problem 2... Bibi.. I am doing this for you. You are my Combat Partner, it is my mission to make sure you complete your mission. The current mission is to get you back home in one piece so you can warn YoRHa, or even warn ourselves not to end up in this place." He admitted, tilting his head slowly before smiling again.

"Plus, I want to help you. You're ... more than a friend to me." He admitted. "I should prepare some sustenance, even though our bodies do not require it over the short term, we do require certain inputs. I believe I can make them with ingredients I can go collected from 'the store'." 9S explained, going to the kitchen and checking out the shelves and cupboards. He made an internal list of the materials he needed.

"Why don't you rest here, I will go to the store across the road." He suggested, taking a handful of the paper money he had gotten them from a machine while going out briefly.

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