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"Hey! are you okay?
said a warm voice, obviously worried

You looked up to see.

"Omg ! Serena! Long time no see!
It's me kookie"

Jeon Jungkook
•childhood best friend
•has the voice of an angel
•has a major in dance
•bunny teeth

You jumped into his arms, you were so relived to see someone you finally knew! With Jungkook around you won't be alone.

"I had no idea you're doing the competition too?!"
He yelled while having a tight grip on my weak shoulders

"noonaaa why didn't you tellll meee~"

Unlike your aegyo, Jungkook's wasn't cringey, a matter of fact!
It was adorable.

Jungkook is 1 month younger than you.
He calls you 'noona' to be a tease

"Awwe well it's your fault for not talking to me in so long!" You punched him lightly in the chest

He put his hand on his lower abdomen pretending to be in pain.
"I was busy with dance practice you know that!"

"You're so obsessed with dance"
You rolled your eyes

"Well the girls love it" he smirks at you

"HAHAHA I swear you're afraid of girls!"
You laughed like a maniac

He scolded you for saying such a thing

His shyness was always a weak spot;
but Jungkook's handsome looks and polite personality could get any girl to swoon over

You chose to tease him a little

"So my little bunny has a girlfriend.."
you looked at him mischievously

His face flushed bright pink almost like the pop tarts your brother made you this morning.

"N-NO!" He stuttered closing his eyes

He's never reacted this way before, whats going on, he would normally laugh it off but his reaction was different.
How suspicious

Hmm let's let it slide...for now

"We're gonna be late kookie! Let's have a race to the central hall!" You called out to him from behind since you already started running

"Wah no fair! You started before me!!"
His voice getting more further and further away

I'm going to find a soulmate !
I'm going to find a soulmate!
I'm going to find a soulmate!

You fell.

You were running and you fell.

Someone had tripped you over.

and your ankle was bleeding

"Pfft watch where you're going" he said in a cold tone. another voice laughed along with him. There were two guys laughing at you


Okay! I've fallen over twice in one morning! This is not good! Whoever did this to me will pay AH! I want to scream!!

They're laughing ? The have the audacity to laugh ?! I'm not having this!!

I turn my head to face the boys

"wow...he's h-hot?"'

Kim Taehyung

•Dark black messy hair
•a scar on his lower lip
•brown eyes like caramel
•wears black leather
•has been suspended from 8 schools
•major in dance
•a total flirt and somehow girls love that despite his jackass personality

Damien Thorne

•Taehyung's best friend
•messy dark hair
•also wears black leather
•underground fighter
•cold hearted
•major in physical education
•has a girlfriend

"Next time look where you're going slut"
The brown eyed one whispered close to my face

I couldn't be weak at this time
Hoseok always told me to be strong and stand up for myself!

but these boys were very
I felt my blood boil!

My ankle hurts so bad aish!

"S-shit" I groaned as I tried to touch my ankle.

"awe the whore's cut herself! need mommy to kiss it better?" The blue eyed boy smirked at me

They both laughed at me, I felt so worthless and insecure. I tried to get up and run away from the embarrassment.

but of course all bad things have to happen to me! My skirt got stuck in between a crack in the pavement.

My skirt tore right down my back completely exposing my pretty pink kitty underwear! I've never been so humiliated!

"Hahaha you're- you're wearing ahaha"
The blue eyed boy couldn't speak due to laughter
He literally had tears in his eyes which made his eyes sparkle and glisten

The brown eyed one just lowkey smirked at me seductively which was disgusting I feel so uncomfortable.

He leaned in a whispered in my ear
"Don't mess with us kitty...cause just saying you like a total Prost-"

"Don't treat her like that!"
Jungkook pushed him off me
Wow the confidence. I guess this bunny is all grown up

He grabbed my hand and tied a his jacket around my waist to cover up the 'incident'

He held my hand and ran. I looked back to see the boys smirking at me.

Who are they...

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I love his character.
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