Chapter 17

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"If we all loved people as much as we love food, the world would be a much happier place" - Riley Monroe

The day passed by rather well with each class not really doing anything. Now with lunch time rolling around, I walked to the cafeteria with the girls. Tammy was busy talking to Cassidy about makeup and clothes. I would join in on the conversation, but talking about makeup wasn't really my thing, and Raven was zoned out in her little world with her ears plugged with headphones.

My mind wandered off to Aaron. That boy was too mysterious for his good. One moment he would be all open and happy, but the next he would be all closed off. How was I supposed to get to know someone when they barely even let me scratch the surface? And then there's the cooking assignment that we have to do. A nervous feeling settled in my stomach, and I bit my bottom lip. I don't even know why I was so nervous. I mean, what is there to be nervous about? It's just working with Aaron, and presenting it in front of the whole camp and our families. No pressure.

After piling my plate up with food, I started walking to our usual seats when someone pushed me into a flat surface with my plate slamming onto it first. When I noticed it wasn't a thing, but a who I started to come to my senses.

"I-I'm so sorry!" I blurted and frantically grabbed some napkins and wiped the person's shirt. The person chuckled lightly sending soft vibrations along his chest as I was wiping.

"No worries," the person said. I looked up and met their eyes in embarrassment and saw that it was James.

I let out a shaky laugh and threw away the dirty napkins after wiping my hands. "But your shirt..."

"Can be replaced," He finished my sentence giving me a sweet smile. I smiled back.

"Okay..." I sighed. "But let me make it up to you."

He shook his head. "Oh you don't have to. Really, it's fine. Besides, what's not to like about being able to walk around smelling like food? It really attracts the ladies," He said playfully.

I laughed and lightly punched his arm. "How about I buy you a drink or something at the cafe after we finish eating? I have to go there after lunch anyway."

He laughed. "There's no getting out this is there?"

"Nope" I said leading us to our usual table of friends'.

About fifteen minutes before lunch ended, I walked with James to the cafe. When we walked in, the strong smell of coffee immediately greeted us. The cafe was decorated in a way that felt like you were at home. Apart from the classic brown tables, there were lounges along the walls with curved sofa-like seats giving the people sitting there some privacy. And to the right outside the sliding glass doors was a garden with booths along the window and a pond.

We walked up to the counter where the cashier was working. "May I help you?" the girl at the cashier asked.

"Go ahead and order, James," I said as I pulled out a couple dollar bills.

He looked at me and said, "Are you sure? I mean, I already told you that you didn't have to do this."

I shook my head and chuckled. "I know I don't have to. But I want to. There's a difference," I glanced at the girl and saw that she was annoyed that we were taking so long to answer. "And you better hurry up and order because I think..." I looked at her nametag. "Annie is getting a bit impatient.

"Fine," He grunted in a dramatic tone and turned to Annie. "One medium iced caramel latte please."

She pressed a few buttons on the register and asked in a snobby tone, "Is that all?"

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