Chapter Eleven

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I was sitting in a conference room in the courthouse waiting for somebody to read my results to me. I've been sitting here for about three hours, and as soon as they find out that I haven't been using drugs, they'll let me go for today. There was a soft knock on the door and Veronica opened it. A woman walked in, followed by a man who appeared to be a judge.

"I'd like to ask you a few questions after we read your results. This is my first time seeing them too." The judge explained

The woman started, "So, when we drew your blood earlier today, we check for any type of drug, any STD's, and also, we had the lab do a pregnancy test. As far as the drug test and STD test, they're both negative."

"But the other one?" I asked

"It came out positive." she explained

"I was drugged." I blurted out, "I went to a party last week, and this guy put something in my drink."

"That's a very big accusation, do you have any proof?" Veronica asked

"I didn't go to the hospital because I didn't think anything of it. Wouldn't that have shown up in the drug test?"

"Has it been in the last 72 hours?" asked the woman who read my results

"No, it was last Friday."

"Then it wouldn't have." she said, patting my back. I put my head in my hands and took a deep breath

"Can I ask you a few questions now?" the judge asked

"Do you need a few minutes? I know it's a lot to take in." Veronica sounded concerned

"No, I'm fine. Just get it over with." I stared out the window to stop the tears from flowing

"Do you know anyone by the name Miguel Hernandez?"


"Do you know anyone by the name Fredrick Zike?"


"Just to clarify, you're staying at the Coral Motel?"

"Yeah, but the only people I know who live there too are Cameron, Derek, and Cody."

"Have you ever been paid to have sex with somebody."

"No. Listen, I'm not a prostitute. If you want me to leave the motel, I'll find somewhere else to sleep. I'm never there during the day." I tried to explain

"Recently, you purchased some things. Can you tell me where you got the money?" he asked

"I've got a friend, Sam. She's really wealthy, and she insists on buying me stuff that I don't need. She's got all of the receipts at her house. I'm sure she still has them."

"I believe you. I've got one more question. Do you have anyone who is trying to hurt you, or get you in trouble? Any enemies?"

"Well, Sam's mom doesn't like me, but other than that, no."

"What is Sam's mothers name?"

"Erin McCay." I stated

"That's all I've got to ask. Thank you. Veronica will go over the last few things with you." the judge smiled, then left

"Are you doing okay?" Veronica asked on the way out to the car

"Yeah, I'm fine." I stated

"Where would you like to go?" she asked

"Can I use your phone for a second?" I asked

"Of course." she handed me the phone and I dialed Sam's number

"I need to come over. Are you home?" I asked

"Yeah, I have something extremely big to tell you." Sam answered

"Be there in ten." I said, then hung up, "I'd like to go to Sam's house please."

Veronica nodded, then we were off.

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