Chapter 18

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I got back to the pack house and went into the alphas office."Alpha Drake the dark cloud pack has agreed to join us in our battle" He looked at me with an enraged look "Who gave you the permission to ask?" He snarled at me.I shot him a death glare "The war will be in three weeks and you plan on doing this alone?" I questioned him.He banged on his desk "I am alpha and you shall not ask another pack to join us without my permission" He growled at me."I don't care I'll fight this battle with that pack if you don't care for the good of the pack" I shouted at him."Watch what you say Natilie" He growled lower."I am done taking your orders if you're not thinking of the pack" I said in a low voice."Well then find a new pack" He shouted at me.I froze instantly,was he kicking me out the pack? "Fine I will" I shouted as I slammed the door.I heard muffled sounds but I didn't care,if he wanted me to go I will.I stomped out the house and teleported to the dark cloud pack house.I went in and found Allison."What's up?" She said with her bright smile.I smiled back at her "I-I'm a r-rouge alpha kicked me out" I stuttered out.She frowned "why?" I sat down "I first asked your pack without his permission and I also shouted at him" I said as I wiped away a few tears.She patted me on the back then her face perked up "Want to join my pack" I smiled "no I'm fine they won't accept me anyway" I said trying to sound confident."Yes they will" she said as she jerked me towards the alphas office.She knocked on the door then went in."What is it sweetie?" he asked still looking at papers around him."Can Natilie join our pack" she asked sweetly."What? she already has a pack" he said looking at me."No her alpha kicked her out for asking you guys to join her pack" she said sternly.He looked to me then to his daughter "ok she can join our pack,I'll announce it later,go get her things" He then returned to his papers.we both nodded and left.I grabbed her fragile little hand and teleported us to my room.We grabbed all my things and stuffed them into suitcases.The door swung open but I didn't want to see who it was so I grabbed all the suitcases and Allison and teleported back.


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