Thursday, December 27th, 2029

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I woke up to a premade breakfast this morning. Scrambled eggs and pancakes wrapped in plastic sitting on the kitchen table. I guess Mom felt bad about last night. She left a letter explaining that she was sorry about snapping yesterday. She said that her work is reorganizing and she might lose her job. That's why she has been working overtime more often. Mom leaves for work at five in the morning, but she somehow found time to make all this for me. I should make her something in return.

* * *

I had an idea for the gift. I don't think Mom saw the bluebells yet so I can give her a drawing of them when I show her that they bloomed. I already made several more after breakfast. I dug around for about an hour looking for a frame. I expected to have more laying around our house but I could only find a couple.

Mom keeps all of the stuff we aren't using in our attic. It's not like the attics you see on show. Our attic isn't fully built. If you make a wrong step, you could fall through the ceiling! We still keep a bunch of stuff up their despite that.

When I was about Ten, Mom was putting away our camping gear after we got home. She misstepped and ended up halfway through the ceiling. At the time I freaked out because a pair of legs suddenly appeared above the TV out of nowhere! I didn't know what to do since there wasn't anyone I could go to for help. Luckily, one of Mom's friends came to the rescue. He's a cop out on patrol, but he needed to use the bathroom. He was nearby so he stopped by, and thankfully he did too. If it weren't for him, Mom would still be in the ceiling.

Mom got the hole fixed and painted a few days later. Regardless of the danger of ceiling portals, she still insists on keeping our stuff up there. It's a bit crowded up there. Hopefully, nothing falls down anytime soon.

* * *

Mom just called. She has to work late tonight, but she said that she'd bring home something to eat. I still feel kind of bad about last night. Sometimes I feel like I have to do more for her. I'm not saying what she does isn't enough, but I want to help her with her work. It's upsetting when she won't accept any help. Either way, I hope she enjoys the gift I made her.

Love and kisses from yours truly

~ Ana

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