chapter 33

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Rosie pov:-

"I can't"


"I can't because it's not my story to tell you", with that he sighed and walked back inside the chambers. I watched him walk away with questions streaming in my mind. I was not going to give up till I get my answers.

"Edward wait", I ran after him inside the chamber, he stopped in his tracks but didn't turn towards me.

"I don't want her story, but I want yours. You told me your parents were partial to you because of her, they tortured you because of her, but now you say it's not her fault. You never mentioned anything about her when you told me about your past. What happened to her after you returned? Why is she here? And the biggest question where are we? What is this place?", I asked him everything in single breath.

"My parents did those things not Ella, its not her fault that they loved her more and me less. And for the question why she is here is not my question to answer and its not my place to say why she left the kingdom. And lastly this is my place, I created this place with the power given to me by Meredith. Any other questions left?", He spat rudely and raised his eyebrow at me, he looked pretty angry, his eyes changed to golden and then back to grey.  I bit my inner cheek and shook my head. Truthfully I was little embarrassed by his taunting answer. But I just wanted to know the truth, as his wife I had the right to question him.

He walked past me towards the door, lightly grazing his shoulder to mine. I flinched when he slammed the door shut. I blinked my eyes, swallowing my tears. I can't cry not now. I controlled my urge to go and demand answers from Ella but I walked towards the bed and got inside. I pulled the covers till my chest, snuggling closer to the warmth. I can't take much stress now, I have to think about my child also. Because of my curiosity I can't hurt my son. Maybe I need to find another way to find out the truth because I know Edward was not going to utter a single word about this matter.

Now for sure as hell he is not forgiven. With that single thought I went into deep slumber.


After a long satisfied sleep, I woke up feeling refreshed. I kept my hand on my stomach and smiled happily. I sat for few minutes enjoying the warmth of my son but our moment broke by a knock on the door. The door opened and peeked in Ella.

"Oh sorry if I disturbed your slumber but I just came to inform that dinner is ready", she said giving me the brightest grin I have ever seen. I looked outside the balcony to see it was night already. No wonder I was starving.

"Is Edward downstairs?", I asked her as I got down from the bed.

"No, he left for Kingdom. Didn't he inform you", she asked frowning confusedly. 

"Oh yes, he informed me. I guess I forgot", I laughed lightly covering the topic. She looked at me analysing me but gave me a small smile and walked out. I shook my head and followed behind her. Maybe Edward had an emergency so left immediately. He won't leave me here alone knowing how I felt about Ella. I hoped that it was the only reason.

"There is not much around here for sightseeing but we could go to the lake  after the dinner. At night it will be more pleasant and beautiful than in morning", Ella said excitedly, a beautiful grin was plastered on her face as she ranted about this place. Unconsciously a smile appeared on my face. I don't hate but I cannot help but be little hostile towards her. I don't usually dislike people but something about her makes me.

We sat down on the dinning table. My mouth watered at the sight of roasted duck and spiced vegetables. I moaned for each bite I took, it was really delicious. It was the only best I have ever had, even the royal kitchen failed in front of this roasted chicken.

"Its delicious, the best I have ever had. If you were a man I would have married you", the words slipped from my mouth unconsciously before I could stop. She giggled for my words.

"Oh you already married the person who cooked this delicious food", she burst out laughing of the confused face I was having.

"What?", I asked her still eating even though I was confused but I didn't stop eating. Food is important.

"Edward made all of this, he knows that you liked roasted duck so he made everything by himself before he left for kingdom", she said still grinning. My heart warmed hearing. He made all this for me. I blushed and smiled.

"We should not let his hard-work go to waste, so let's eat quickly before it gets cold", Ella said, we both giggled and dig in our plates.


"I'm so full", I said as I leaned back in the chair, rubbing my stomach.

"Me too", Ella groaned as she put her spoon down and leaned back in her chair. We both laughed and stood up. Our relationship has grown a bit through this dinner. We both talked like we both were childhood friends. But it felt good talking to someone freely and sharing things. All the negative thoughts about her vanished, as Edward said it was not her fault that her parents were partial. It will be not fair if I was rude to her.

"Stay here I'll bring us a shall and scarf ", she said and went away. I walked towards the main door and opened it. Goosebumps rose as the chill air hit my exposed skin. I rubbed my arms and walked out.

"Here take this", I took the shall and wrapped it around my body and then wrapped the scarf around my neck. We both started walking to the lake which Ella told before. Soon we reached the lake. As she said the lake was beautiful and pleasant. Surprisingly the water was little warm enough temperature for us to dip our feet in the water.

We both sat there staring at the sky and talked about random things I don't know for how much time. After sometime we both sat in calm silence. I glanced at Ella to see her gaze was fixed somewhere in the sky, she looked to be in deep thought.

"Ella, are you okay?", I asked her, she turned towards me and shook her head.

"I'm good, just thinking that's all", she quickly dismissed the topic. I didn't press her more for answers. We both went back to our own world.

"So how long are you?", Ella asked nodding at my stomach. I smiled and placed my hand on my stomach.

"Just over two weeks, almost three weeks", her eyes held some kind of longing, she looked at my stomach before averting her gaze towards the sky. I saw a tear slipping out of her eyes, but she quickly wiped it.

"If I remember correctly my daughter would be eleven years by now", she said barely above a whisper. My head snapped towards her when I understood what she said.

"What? ", I choked out in disbelief and shock. Her eyes were struck on the sky above, She chuckled bitterly before answering.

"Yes, I had a daughter"


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