Chapter 9- Confession

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#Christopher pov#

I was so happy when Shean and Kai left together. Everything went on  according to plan or so I thought until.....

"Christ confess." Ordered Nick as soon as they left the hospital room.

"What? What are you talking about out of the blue?" I said laughing awkwardly. And his glare is not helping here. Did he found out? Its not even an hour yet. He can't know. He rolled his eyes at me and said getting annoyed "You know exactly what I mean. Don't play dumb. But if you still want to know then I. AM. TALKING. ABOUT. SHEAN. AND. KAI." He said looking straight in my eyes and stressing on each word he said. I think I am sweating pools right now.

"What are you talking about? I really don't know." I said scratching the back of my neck and looking anywhere else but at him.

"I know they are faking it OK. I mean come on how long do you think I have known you. And Shean, he is my son. And horrible liar. Just tell me truth right now." He said in frustrated tone. Oh my god. Just trust me, there is no god out there because if there was then he would not have done something so cruel to me. After all I am a good man. Don't you dare doubt it. But I am so doomed right now.

"Christ answer my questions honestly." He ordered. I nodded.

"Did Kai already knew about me and he fake it right now?" He asked directly looking in my eyes. God is he seeing my soul? First I tried to shake my head no but when I look into his eyes I nodded yes. He let out a sigh.

"Is he marrying Shean because of my reason?" I am going to be dead meat after this. I nodded yes. He remained silent for while thinking something and then he inhale sharp breath.

"Does Shean also agreed to this marriage because of me?" He asked in eyes filled with guilt. I shook my head no. "No he didn't know the reason. I asked Kai to make him agree to this marriage without telling the reason. I don't know why Shean said yes but sure he don't know the reason." I assure him. I know Kai never break promise. Nick let out the sigh of relief.

We both were silent. Nick was thinking. Then he suddenly chuckled lightly and shook his head while saying, "I don't believe you go that far." Then he took deep breath and said "Lets stop this marriage." I felt as if someone had slapped me very hard. And all the trouble we went through? What about it?

"But why? They agreed to marry each other. This way Shean would have someone to take care of him. You would not need to return the money because it will be your own sons. Everything will be solved." I explain in panic.

"I can't do this to them. Its the lifetime question." He paused, took deep breath and said "if you really want then you can pay for my treatment but let's not make them sacrifice." He said. I remained silent processing his words in my mind.

Weren't those the word I wanted to hear most but then why don't I feel happy? We both sat there in long silence.

"Christ they are our children's we can't do this to them." Nick said finally breaking the silence.

I let out a long sigh and said the words I felt were the reason for my sadness."Nick before I thought this marriage would be just to help you but I think when I meet Shean it changed. When I meet Shean I thought that maybe he is right one for Kai. You have meet Kai. You see he had lost the trust in others. He only do business. I want to make him believe. Shean is very innocent and I somehow think only he can do it. I was happy when they agree for this marriage because it was two birds with one stone for me. But now I think I want to get them married to complete each other. I want to give both of them a chance to fall for each other. We both know gender has no relations with love. And believe me they will find each other. Nick don't tell me you don't see it in there eyes. They need to realize it and I want to give them chance." I let it all out. Nick just listen to me. He always listen to what others have to say. Thats who Nickolas Fleming is.

Again a silence followed. Then he said "I understand it Christ. I saw it too. And somehow I felt happy that Shean would have someone like Kai to look after him. I know it would be hard for them but I am just afraid. What if something goes wrong? Do you think it will be fine to get them married?" Nick asked concern.

"Don't worry Nick, everything will turn out good. And even if anything will go wrong then we will learn something. Doing everything wrong is what we call life, right?" I told him with a grin on my face. He just shake his head at me and chuckled.

"So Mr Nick Fleming father of Mr Shean Fleming, I ,Mr Christopher Williams father of Mr Kai Williams ask your son to you, to marry my son. So do you agree to this arrange marriage?" I said dramatically to nick. He rolled his eyes at me and replied dramatically "well I guess it will be fine Mr Williams. I agree to this arrange marriage." We both burst out laughing.

We talked till evening like old buddies we were. I guess we both were happy today. Our sons are getting married for gods sake!! We all will because related by a bond.

"Hey Christ" Nick said suddenly sounding serious.

"What is it?" I asked curiously.

"I wanted to ask this from the first day we meet. You know where she is right? How is she?"


Here goes chapter 9. But who is 'she'? Well if you want to know then you will have to wait long. Keep reading and mystery will be solved.

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