Part Two: Chapter Seventeen (Homeward Bound)

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After another week, we were finally headed back to Nice.

Kinsey had a wonderful time with my father the day before he left, and I promised him I would come visit when I could secure some days. Kinsey was enrolled in a primary school for the beginning of the school year, which started in September. Luckily, the break periods here were longer, but they were in school longer. Her class days were from 10 in the morning to four in the afternoon, and half days every other Saturday.

Alucard and I were scheduled for another run the day after we got back, which went flawlessly.

Now... what was there to worry about? Things were back on track, for the most part.

After making dinner one night, Alucard suggested that we search for our own place nearby, or at least building a house on the property that was owned.

"It would be more private... and I don't really want the table hearing everything I do to you." I couldn't stop the lobster red face of mine from coming out.

"I wasn't that loud-"

"Kelsea, they were cheering outside our door after we were finished." The pot dropped from my hands into the sink. "You blacked out for a good minute or so before coming back to yourself, and I'm the one who had to tell them to fuck off." I threw the sponge at him.

"I cooked, why am I doing dishes?" He rolled his eyes, going to the sink.

"Don't try and change the subject!" He quipped, starting the water up. "I'm serious... If we're going to be a thing, we need our own space. The only old lady here is Magna. The others are just whores. Hanna is an exception because she's under our protection. In exchange, she watches the few kids that we have here."

"But, Michael and Magna stay here, obviously."

"Because it's their place. The others haven't wanted to settle down, but... I do. I don't want them thinking you're free game." I pursed my lips.

"I just want to... I don't know... not be rushed into something that was not good to me last time.." It was constant fighting, constant make up and hate fucking, and Kinsey.... God, I hated when Kinsey heard the fighting. She would wail and wail, and nothing could calm her down.

"I can respect that..." he backed down. "But, eventually, I would like to be able to be alone with you." The words warmed my heart, but the fear of having a repeat was something that could not be warmed.

"Eventually." I replied quietly, not making a hard promise on my words.


After a couple of runs, I brought up some vacation time before they needed some smaller runs done. Michael was hesitant but he agreed to it.

I was packing for our trip back to Texas, putting some clothes in Kinsey's little suitcase, enough for three days.

"You've packed and repacked three times over. What's wrong?" Alucard came behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I..." I sighed, "I'm nervous I guess." I admitted. "I don't know how everyone is going to feel since after I left." I sat down on the bed. "I made a lot of people mad."

"You really think your dad is going to let them try and hurt you?" I couldn't answer. My dad couldn't save me from everything. Alucard sure as hell couldn't save me from everything.

"I can't hide behind him." My voice, almost quiet as a mouse. "It's pathetic when his 21 year old daughter has to hide behind him."

"Hey." He took my chin in his fingers, making me look at him. "Everything will be fine. I promise." I just laid my head on his shoulder. "Get some sleep, okay? We have a long trip ahead of us in a few hours."


I didn't sleep a wink. Michael took us to the airport, and even through it was an hour drive, I still didn't sleep. Kinsey was out cold, Alucard was snoozing, but my nerves were too wired to sleep. When we got there, I picked Kinsey up out of her booster, and carried her into the airport. Alucard and Michael handled the bags. I typed in the itinerary on the ticket printer, and got all of our tickets. Alucard got our bags checked in and carried our Carryons.

Kinsey woke up right before TSA screening, which she already knew what to expect. She took her shoes off, her hearing aids, and her necklace. I took off my jacket, shoes and emptied my pockets, and Alucard did the same.

Once through, we made it to our gate, and Alucard got two travel pillows and a small plush blanket. I tried to sleep, but as soon as I did, we were called to board. Luckily, we were first class and got priority. Once seated, we were all strapped in, I fell asleep. The long flight with one stop to refuel in England was easy enough but I didn't get much easy sleep.

Finally, after a long, 8 hour trip, we touched down, and then... the fear set in.

The fear of betraying my original club.

I apologize for the absence. I've been writing a new story that will be a Radish exclusive, and will be a Premium, meaning you will have to pay for it. First three chapters free.

I'm not going to lie, I literally watched Moana for the first time through tonight (7/31/18) and I was touched in many ways. It gives a good lesson. You are in charge of your own life and you are the only one who can control it. You will fall, you will cry, you will wish you want to keel over and bite the dust, but you never know what you're meant for until you try. The scene where she has her final moments with her grandmother literally broke me to pieces. I lost my grandmother when I was 8. She meant the world to me and I didn't even get to see her for her last moments or attend her funeral. As goes in the Jewish faith, you may not alter the body after death. She was not stitched up, she had needles in her body, and it was open casket. She was buried within 24 hours of her death in a Jewish cemetery, and I only saw her tombstone once when I was 13. There is so much that I wish I could say to her, but I know she will be with me always.

So, that's exactly what I'm doing. I am taking charge of my life. I am not going to make it as a writer if I do not profit from my books. You may find free giveaways for 3-12 coins, which it is 3 coins per chapter to read after 3. If that is the way to support it, so be it, but I will not be releasing it on Wattpad. I will continue to write CSMC book 2 on here, but Book 3, Kinsey's story, will be a Radish exclusive.

I do appreciate all the support from all of you, but my time is now to accomplish being a published, paid writer. I'm working for me, to better myself, and to one day fulfill my dream of being a FULL TIME writer, as well as being able to support myself with it. I'm taking charge of my life. I need to do what is best for me, and if you're loyal to the ends with us Wattpad-Radish-Inkitt readers, then your support will be noted in any book that I do choose to release on Wattpad. I may start doing short stories, or, I may do screen-plays for those in Film school. I can do any theme and it will be a $20 charge per short film/screen play. Not unfair in the least. But, I need to do what is best for me. Sadly, my time on Wattpad as a publisher of free stories is coming to a close. I appreciate each and every one of you who has been with me until now, every vote, comment, and share. You are the best.


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