The Boy With The Locket

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There once was a boy who lived in a small town. Around his neck, he kept a locket. It was old and dented, yet it was well cared for. One day, he was sitting with his friend, and his friend asked, "Where'd you get the locket from?" He told her, "It was a gift from God when I was little." "Well, what's in it?" She asked in curiosity. "It's the person I love." He told her. She gave a smirk and asked, "Who would that be, then?" He smiled as if thinking about a fond memory. "She's someone who I love dearly. She's someone who I can trust and depend on. She's someone who will never leave me and is someone I will never leave. But, most importantly, she's someone I have not met... not yet at least." The girl sat in shock. She has never heard of someone waiting for a person they haven't met before. She then asked, "How do you know you'll find her?" He told her, "I don't have to find her. As long as I believe she's out there, she'll find me."A few years later, the boy, who is now a man, was sitting as he waited for the train on his way to work. His locket, still shining after being freshly polished, hung from his neck. A woman came over and sat next to him. Hung from her neck was the same locket. It had it's own set of dents, but it was still polished and kept tidy. The both noticed each other's lockets. When their eyes met, they knew that they had both found their other half. They knew that they found the one.  

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