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Mary's POV

Sometimes you just have to give up . Not everything is going  be fixed . If they don't want to change then they don't want to change . 

I'm going to pack up everything tomorrow cause I'm done honestly. I'm not going to cry over him . What's the point I gave him my all .and he just threw it into the trash over and over again. I have to think about myself for once . He isn't worth my time and I for sure wasn't worth not 1 second of his life . 

I was sitting on the hood of his car in between his legs wrapped up in his arms looking up at the stars as cliche it may be . I was enjoying it .

"You know I care about you right ."Chris said .

"Yeah and I care about you too ." I replied.

We looked deep into each other's eyes we stayed there for a second.

At Ethan's penthouse

I told Chris to drive me back to Ethan's penthouse we need to talk about what just happened .

I arrived . As I walked out the elevator I got pushed up against the penthouse wall and got kissed up and down . I knew it was Ethan .

I pushed him back a little . He didn't let me breathe .

"Ethan what the fuck ." I said out of air from the intense make out session we just had 3 seconds ago .

"I can't fucking let you go ." He said out of breath too .

He went back to kissing me hungrily. I kissed back . I couldn't resist the feeling of his lips on mine .

One minute I hate him the next I just want to kiss the fuck out of him . I hate my mind . He carried me to his room and lied me on his bed . He quickly started stripping my clothes off . I didn't really care , he got me frustrated.  He pulled down his basketball shorts slipped on a condom and without a warning he pushed himself inside of me . I shouted in pain . He's so big I don't think I will ever get used to him .

He thrusted in fast . He had this smoothness when he thrusted over and over again. The pleasure was indescribable. All you heard was our moans fill the room . He kissed me more and left more marks . I couldn't handle the pleasure I was receiving.

I was supposed to be talking to him, but here I am . 

I came back to my original state of mind and pushed him off . Some feeling inside of me got triggered. I came to do one thing and this was not it . I slipped on my hoodie and the rest of my clothes and ran out he was chasing right behind. I kept running even with my sore legs . This adrenaline took over my body making me not feel anything. I heard him get in a car he was now chasing me with a car . I started running faster than I've ever ran in my life .

He was literally right behind me . I was just trying to escape I'm not in a stable state of mind. He just cheated then I came back to talk to him instead we had sex and now we're here .

We were now heading towards the beach i jumped over the small fence and started running on the sand . Fuck I don't know what he's going to do if he catches me , that just makes me more frightened.

I heard him still chasing behind me . The fear inside of me grew and grew .

He was faster he was definitely going to catch me. I kept on running the voice inside of my head said keep running. My body said keep running, so that's what I did . I kept running.

I had a feeling if he caught me it wasn't going to go good . 

My legs were starting to give out . I needed a break . I was getting slower and slower. The fear grew faster and faster until .......

He got a hold of me .

My brain was going crazy . I wanted to cry, shout,kick,scream,punch,and die . My mind is lost .  I'm lost .........

He wrapped his hands around me so I wouldn't escape. I just broke down . He did me wrong but here I am crying in his arms like a pathetic bitch .

"Why did you run?" He asked .

I just cried .

"Why did you run away?" He asked again.

I cried and cried I couldn't talk . Crying is the only thing I could do because it's the only way I can take away some of the pain.

My head was down I couldn't face him or else I'll cry more . As I was breaking down in his arms I heard him cry softly.

He put his finger under my chin and picked up my head .

"why did you run ?" He said as anger covered his face from seeing me cry .

"I - I'm lost ." I said as I tried to calm down .

I took a look at him and saw this angry  boy something inside of me didn't feel right .

He held me tight in his arms . All of my worries disappeared, but I knew something wasn't right . Something wasn't right here I could feel it in my gut .

This isn't right . Something isn't right . As I was crying in his arms I decided to pull away . As I pulled away I saw hickeys all up on his neck .

Something in my mind decided to tell my hand to slap him. And that's what happened. I slapped him . I never gave him hickeys one of the hoes he was with gave him those which pissed me off . 

Not even 2 seconds after I slapped him I felt a sting on my right cheek . I looked at him in disbelief. I held my cheek as I stared at him .

I slapped him again this time harder than before. I was pissed now .

"How could you fucking slap me !" I shouted.

"How could you put your fucking hands on me !" I yelled .

"You're nothing but a worthless piece of shit that nobody fucking loves. Every one fucking hates you . You don't belong here !" I sapped and slapped him again.

"Nobody thinks you're good enough because you're nothing . You are worthless and not needed ." I kept yelling at him  out of pure rage . 

This was something I needed to get out since who knows how long I've kept it in .

I was finally free and furious. I needed to run I'm not going to cool down no time soon .

I began running. The anger inside of me right now was being released.  I kept running hating Ethan's guts as the seconds went by .  I stopped and found a wall I began punching the wall busting it down . I hated everything about Ethan .

I arrived to my apartment some how . I walked in and started punching everything in sight .  Ethan lied and hurt me so many times after I helped him . He tortured me . He left me unable to have kids . Everything in my life I was looking forward to he took away .Everything was breaking nothing was going to stop me right now .   My knuckles were busted open blood was now covering the walls . This was all blood that he caused to come out .

This is the rage in me .

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