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I woke up the next day with a slight headache. I sat up in my bed as i turned to my clock. 10 Am it read. I got out from my bed and went to the bathroom. When i finished I went downstairs and saw my mom sitting in the living room. " Morning Honey " She said , smiling when she saw me. " Morning " I mumbled as i made some cereal. I ate it and then went to find some painkiller. I found one and ate it. I watched some tv with my mom and then went upstairs to my room to lay down.

I listened to music and started drawing. After a while, I noticed that i had drawn Alexis. Damn it!!. She's taking over my mind. " Hey jane!!" Alexis said from her window. " Oh Hey there , Lex" I said smiling as i went to my window. " What is that??" She asked while furrowing her eyebrows. " What is What? " I asked her. " That drawing " She said as she pointed at my notebook on my bed. " Ahhh it's nothing.." I told her nervously. " Jaaaane Show meee" She begged. " Nahhh..." I told her.

" Please? Pretty please??" She said as she pouted her lips. God That's my weakness!!. I sighed ,defeated and went to pick it up. I went to my window and raised it. " Oh is that- me?" She asked while smiling a little. " Oh umm yeah" I answered her nervously. " Aww jane it's beautiful." She complimented. " Thanks.."
I said while blushing. " So are you free today?" She asked. " Yeah. Why do you ask?" I said curiously. " Um do you maybe wanna hang out today? And meet the twins??" She offered. " Yeah sure just let me change. " I said as I smiled brightly at her and went to close my window.

I changed my clothes and went downstairs. " Hey mom i'm gonna go to Alexis house." I told her. " Alright honey have fun!! but not too much fun.." She said as she winked at me. what the hell.. " MOM!!!" I exclaimed loudly. She laughed and waved me off. I shook my head at her and headed out. I knocked at the door and it opened revealing Alexis. " Hey, come on in!!" She said as she smiled brightly at me.

As soon as i got in, Louie came running down the stairs. He stood in front of me ,smiling widely. " Hi jane!!!" He said hugging my legs. Awwww. " Hey, little guy!!" I said as i smiled down at him. We went to the living room. There were two girls sitting on the couch watching tv. " Maddie , Madison This is my friend Jane. Jane these are my sisters." Alexis introduced. Maddie and madison turned their head to look at me. Damn they're identical. " I'm Madison and this is Maddie!!" Madison said. Maddie waved shyly at me.

" Well do you guys wanna watch a movie??" Alexis asked. We all nodded our heads. " What movie though??" I asked curiously. " Ohhh I know!! Let's watch Moana!!" Madison said excitedly. " Yeah sure" Alexis said as she went to put the movie. " Come on jane!! Let's get some food from the kitchen!!" Madison said, dragging me to their kitchen. Once we entered the kitchen, Madison Opened the cabinet that was full of junk food. " Alexis really likes you , you know? " She told me as she handed me some chips. " She better do!!!" I told her playfully.

" No, She really REALLY likes you. Like more than friends!!!" Madison said as she took some chocolate from the cabinet and closed it. I froze on my spot. No she can't like me like that!! She's straight for crying out loud!! " H-how do you know that??" I asked her nervously. " I mean she talks about you all the time. She always say that you're really beautiful and kind. She got excited and nervous when you said you're coming over. She was literally cleaning and running around the house like a maniac. It's quite obvious!!" Madison said. Before i could ask anything else, She turned around and went to the living room.

" What the hell happened just now??" I whispered to my self , shaking my head.
i went to the living room to see that the movie is starting. " Jane!! Come sit here!!"
Louie said while patting the space beside him. Awww he wants me to sit next to him.
I sat down on the space between Louie and Alexis. Louie then reached to take a bag of chips , putting it between us. " This is for you and me!!!" He said while smiling, gesturing to the bag of chips. I smiled back at him as Alexis gave us a surprised look.  I chuckled at her face and turned to watch the movie.

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