chapter five

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"Jessica, I need to know how you got all of these injuries." the woman in the suit said as Hunter shut the door.

I slowly took in a deep breath and thought what choice I was going to make...I have a feeling some people are not going to like it.

"Umm... well....I am a.....I am a very clumsy person sometimes.....and I sometimes leave my room through my window a-a-and recently I accidentally fell out of it and hit the ground from two s-s-stories up..." I mumbled as I tried to piece together a reasonable story.

"...I see, and did you tell your parents about this to receive medical attention." the suited woman asked as she wrote down what I said along with some personal comments down on a notepad.

" I didn't really think I had hurt myself that bad........I was....I was just winded." I lied. I started to panic again but I just kept picturing the image of Hunter holding my hands up to his face. I wish Hunter was in here right now. I wish I could tell him everything and that I didn't have to lie to everyone but sadly I can't. If I told anyone about what Jack does then I could risk people's lives along with my own, and some people might think all I have to do is tell someone about it and they can move me to a safer place...but there is no where safe. Jack will just hunt me down and drag me back... I don't think I can ever escape Jack's grasp...

"Jessica....Jessica are you listening? I asked you about that mark on your neck.." I quickly shook my head and reach up to my neck and touched the mark Jack had left on me.

"Oh this...I was ...straightening my hair and I accidentally burned myself." I think that would cover it... wouldn't it. I just beg that this woman has no more questions because I am a terrible liar. But luckily after that the suited woman wrote down a couple more notes smiled at me with concern and walked out of the room.

Once the suited woman was gone Hunter came back in and pulled a seat close to the bed side. For a moment Hunter just looked at me and I could tell he was trying to read my thoughts with his gaze. I'm not sure how much he got from my nervous look or the fact that I was shaking, but...I am pretty sure he knows about some things by the way his gaze falters and his hands squeeze my own.

"Jessica, tell me what the woman was asking.." Hunter said as he squeezed my hands in a rhythm.

"She was just wondering how I got my broken ribs and this mark and I told her the truth," I replied trying as hard as I could to not look in his eyes.

"And what would that truth be exactly?" This time Hunter just kept squeezing my hand without the rhythm.

"Well, that I fell out my window and I burned myself with my straightener..." I said as I pulled my hand from his grasp. Once I did that Hunter sat back in his chair and left the conversation with that. The doctor came back into the room about ten minutes after. He told me that I would be released the next day and that I would need to be on bed rest for the rest of the week. 

Once those words left his mouth I was both filled with relief at the fact that the lady had bought my stories and filled with horror at the fact that I would have to be spending the next week at home with Jack and his torment... For awhile I just sat there and contemplated the thought of just coming clean about Jack but I knew Jack wouldn't just let me go in peace...

The next day Hunter helped me out of the hospital and into his truck. The ride to my house was a quiet and strange one as we were both avoiding contact with each other until someone would sneak a glance at the other person and then quickly look away. For a while it was like that until Hunter started talking....and not about a good subject...

"So why didn't your parents come to the hospital? Weren't they worried about where you were?" Hunter asked about ten minutes away from my house. I couldn't really find an answer for the question so I sort of just shrugged my shoulders and looked out the window and dreaded the drop off.

As we came to a stop outside my house Hunter turned the car off and looked at me. "Jesse...are you sure you're okay? If there is really something wrong in your household you need to know that you can always call me and I will be here to protect you okay.. I am always going to be here for you, always."

I sort of smiled at him and quickly hobbled out of the truck and up to my front door. I didn't even turn around to wave goodbye, mainly because I didn't want Hunter to see me cry.

As soon as I opened the door I was confronted by an angry Jack that smelled of vodka and vomit. "Where the heck have you been! I have been having to eat off of dirty dishes because your lazy butt has been off hooking up with random guys! I have had enough of your behavior you brat!" and just like that I was on the ground holding my face where I could feel a stinging sensation forming in the shape of a hand print.

Before I knew it Jack was throwing empty bear bottles at me again and I crawled to the stairs to get away from him. I could feel the stitches stretching as I crawled and I tried to be careful to not tear them. I was about half way up when I was finally able to get to my feet, but just as I did I was hit square in the back with a beer bottle. I didn't even stop to process the pain and I just ran to my room. 

Taking safety precautions I quickly moved every heavy piece of furniture in front of my door and tried to barricade my room. A minute went by and I thought I was safe until I hear Jack begin to bang on the other side of the door and yell profanities at the top of his lungs.All I could do was cover my ears and cry. My only thoughts were Why didn't I just tell the woman about Jack! Why didn't I say " Hunter I need you to protect me!" Why can't I have a normal life....


Yay new update!! So how do you like it! Am I still writing well....I feel like maybe this chapter isn't that good but I thought I would try and give you guys a treat because you stay with me even though my updating schedule is TOTAL CRAP!!!! I am terribly sorry if I have some grammar mistakes or things of that nature and I really hope you enjoy it! Leave some comments about some things you would like to see happen in the story.... because to be honest ....I have no clue where this plot is headed.....where it will go no one knows... So :D

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