Relationship Problems

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fiona is online

Action Ghoul is online

Action Ghoul: Hey Grace are you busy?

fiona: No why?

Action Ghoul: I just need someone to talk to

fiona: Ok, did something happen

Action Ghoul: not really. I'm having relationship problems

fiona: .....

Action Ghoul: Grace?

fiona: .....

Action Ghoul: Oh great you're mad at me again. What did I do this time?

fiona: Omg you didn't do anything, stop assuming things. You just never told me that you got a new girlfriend

Action Ghoul: Yes I did

fiona: No you didn't

Action Ghoul: I told you yesterday

fiona: I don't remember

Action Ghoul: Well I know I did

fiona: Ok well what's the problem?

Action Ghoul: My gf won't talk to me and she seems mad. And she also got mad at her best friend when her best friend was trying to help her and now they're not friends anymore.

fiona: Oh, I'm sorry bestie.. I wish there was some way I could help..

Action Ghoul: Just stay here, please?

fiona: *smiling* do you want to call?

Action Ghoul: Yes please

fiona called Action Ghoul

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