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Jimin tapped his feet against the tiles that ran along his apartment floor, bringing his hand up to his mouth for the millionth time that day, biting his nails (well, what was there, anyway), anxiety sweeping through his blood.

A mix of emotions crawled their way throughout his body, making him twitch and shiver.

The what if's racing through his mind; he's anxious.

The never ending smile, spreading its way across his lips; he's excited.

His eyes continuously staring at his front door, he wants to meet him already.

Though they've only known each other for a little over a month, their bond had significantly grown.

Stuff going on in their personal lives, stuff that not even the people their closest to, even know about, they've shared with each other.

They've shared so much with each other, that it'd be a shame if they didn't hit it off when they actually met.

That's what Jimin was mostly afraid of.

He was afraid that all of those late night talks, and FaceTimes, would just turn into awkward silences when faced with each other physically.

He really didn't want that to happen.

He really didn't want to lose yoongi.

He really wanted this waiting to be fucking over.

But, of course, Jimin wasn't the only one to feel this way.


In a car, with 3 cute idiots, and a nervous wreck (I'm guessing you can put two and two together), he was mentally and physically freaking out.

What am I gonna do when I meet him? What am I gonna say? Is tae lying to me, and he actually told him? What if he's not the same—

Thoughts were swarming through his head like wasps, and stinging him with a pointed end.

His head really hurt.

His leg wouldn't stop bouncing up and down.

Nothing was calming.

Every. Fucking. Sound. Is pulsing inside his ears, becoming louder each second.

Jungkook, who was sat beside him in the back (due to him being the, 'small baby', according to tae, he was forced to sit in the back), glanced over at the older.

When he noticed that beads of sweat were starting to form on his forehead, and his leg had a set pattern, he softly said his name to gain his attention, gently putting his hand on the shaking leg, and started drawing small patterns on it (something that tae or hobi does to calm him down).

Yoongi's eyes shifted from the intense staring contest he was having with the floorboard, to look at the others hand, before turning his attention to settle on his face.

"You're gonna be okay, okay? Jimin has literally been freaking out to meet you, from the day he found out you were moving to Seoul. So, chances are, you two have a very similar mindset right now." Jungkook spoke, trying his best to reassure his friend that he's not alone with the nervousness.

"He's not lying, you know?" Hoseok said, moving his head, glancing over his shoulder, looking back at the two.

"You're both gonna be completely fine. Just, don't be so tensed and nervous, yeah?" He laughed towards the end, as he watched yoongi visibly relax, and nod his head, swallowing harshly.

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