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Chapter Four

Harper’s heart was still pumping as she entered the classroom for her second lesson. Luckily, the teacher was much nicer towards her than Mr Brody. She greeted Harper with a handshake and showed her to her seat. She handed Harper a copy of each of the texts that they were studying and told her that if she had any questions she was to ask straight away. Her name was Ms Dalton and Harper had already decided that she liked her a hell of lot better than Mr Brody. Plus, the lesson was English, something that Harper could do, so Harper was looking forward to the lesson.

The rest of the class came in about a minute after Harper had arrived to class. She pretended not to notice the whisperings that came from the students that had been in her calculus class and focused on solely on the board.

She was so focused that she didn’t notice when somebody sat down in the seat next to her. Only when that person’s bag slammed on to the table did Harper notice that somebody was there. She turned, about to hi to whoever it was when she realised that she had already met the guy. He wasn’t paying any attention to her so she had plenty of time to stare at the back of his head. It was the same guy who had given her directions earlier. Harper didn’t have to look twice to know it was him, he stuck out from the rest of the students like a sore thumb. Harper also noticed that people were avoiding sitting in the seat on the other side of him. Everybody chose a seat as far away from him as they could get, until the late comer to the class begrudgingly took the seat, scowling at the rest of the students. Harper sighed and flopped back into her seat. Who was this guy? Why did people go out of their way to avoid him? Harper shrunk in her seat hoping that he wouldn’t notice her. It didn’t work.

“Hey can I borrow a pen?” He whispered, five minutes later. Harper sighed and gave him her spare pen. He thanked her and went back to staring out of the window. Harper sighed, wondering what the point of asking for a pen was if he wasn’t going to use it.

Harper ignored her own frustration and went back to focusing on what Ms Dalton was saying. They were studying Lord of the Flies, a book that she had already read twice, so she had no problems understanding what Ms Dalton was saying.

However her focus was broken again two minutes later.

“Did you manage to find your way to Mr Brody’s class alright?” The guy asked. Harper sighed and nodded, not looking up from her work. “That’s a shame…Mr Brody’s a dick.”

He said it in such a matter of fact way that Harper had to stifle a giggle. The odd snorty laugh noise that came out between her fingers earned her several dirty looks from the people around her. When she turned to the guy, she saw that he was smiling too.

“I’m Will.” The boy held his hand out beneath the table.

“Harper,” Harper replied, shaking the guy’s hand.

Will nodded as if he already knew what her name was. “Welcome to Crow Creek Harper.” He murmured.

Harper smiled at him before returning to her work. She still wasn’t sure about Will. Although seeing him smile properly made him a lot less frightening, he still had a cruel looking face. Now that Harper was closer to him she could see faint outlines of muscle underneath his shirt. She could also smell something familiar. She breathed deeply trying to decipher the smell. Then she realised that it was the same smell that drifted through the back door in her old home when the McDonalds workers were having their cigarette break. It reminded Harper of her mother and for a moment she felt like she was about to burst into tears. Harper took a deep breath and pulled herself together, she wasn’t going to cry in front of anyone.

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