Chapter Ten

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"How long have you been sexually active?" The doctor asked

"About a month now."

"How many partners have you had?"

"Nine." I stated, my face turning red

"Have you been using protection?" He raised his eyebrows

"Condoms." I replied. The sheet of condoms had two extra condoms than guys I've had sex with, but I'm hoping that they used their own.

"You realize that condoms are not 100 percent, right?" 

"Yeah." I wasn't stupid, but I've been okay so far

"When was your last period." he asked

"Well, I don't get my period every month, like, it's not regular." I defended

"Okay, but when was your last one?"

"Well, It's august now, so," I counted backwards on my fingers, "June 16th, and it lasted to the 21st."

"So you didn't get one in July?"

"No, but I already said before-"

"I know. I'm going to Take some blood to do your drug test, and I'm also going to test you for any STD's, and lets add on a pregnancy test. Just to be sure." he winked

"Are you serious?" I don't feel any different! That's absolutely ridiculous!" I was outraged

"I'm just taking precautions. If you are, then there are options for you." he nodded

"Fuck this. Can you just draw my blood so I can leave?" I spat. The nurse came in and drew my blood, then Veronica came back in to get me

"We've put a rush on the test results, so we'll send them to the courts within the next couple of hours." The doctor told Veronica

"Can we go now?" I asked

"Are you hungry? Let's get something to eat while your results are being tested." She suggested

"Fine." I rolled my eyes

"Do you like Olive Garden?" She asked, leading me out to the car

"I've never been." I said, getting in the car

"It's really good Italian food. You'll like it." She drove to the nearest one, and within minutes, we were sitting in a back room. I ordered some pasta dish, and a sprite.

"So, in your file, it says you got your GED last year." she asked

"Yeah, just because I like living on the streets, doesn't mean I have to be uneducated. Also, that was a requirement to be emancipated."

"And you had a job at Taco Bell. What happened to that?" she inquired

"I worked there for about two months, then quit because they treated me like shit." I shrugged


"Do you have a family?" I asked her

"I do, I've got a boyfriend, and two beautiful daughters." she smiled

"Would you ever leave them?" I asked

"Leave for good?" I nodded, "No, never." she answered

"What about with your boyfriend? Is he the father?" I asked

"No, he's not the father, but if something were to ever happen to me, I'd want him to adopt them. He's been in their lives for almost 7 years."

"What drives somebody so insane, that they leave their 6 year old daughter with her crack addicted boyfriend?" I asked

"I don't know your mothers story, but I wish I understood why somebody would leave you alone in this world." she tried to sympathize

"I'm fine on my own. I like being free because it makes me feel as though I'm ready for anything, but I really don't think I'm ready to be a mom." I said quietly. Tears sprang to my eyes and I wiped them away with the back of my hand

"Everything will be okay in the end. I promise. We are going to fix this whole mess, and you are going to be taken care of." she reassured, and the conversation was over.

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