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-..No one will ever tell me to kill myself and I will do it

But I have the.screenshots

I have the proof that YOU told me to kill myself...

You told me that I should be abused..

You called me a moron-..

You said my life story is made up.

You said I.-.was doing this for attention

Once you read-.this I'm sure you'll call me immature

I can report and mute you as much as I want

But you have multiple accounts dont you?

But as long as my-account is here, I will report you so maybe one day you will get the idea

You do not tell me what to do

And I hope you read this

And realize that you are a horrible person

I don't wish for you to die, because I don't think anyone should die before their time is up

And maybe I'm not mature, but you'll notice that this does not mention your name

At least not obvious

Because I have the proof that you said what you said

And I'll keep it

It may never be shown, but I won't forget about if

This isn't a threat. It isn't a promise either. It is just a statement

Because right now you are in the wrong

And maybe I am weak like you said

But I wear my flaws like a badge

Flaws are what ..-make us unique

My worst flaw is what helps make me different.

But hey, at least I dont call people names they dont want to he called nor do I tell people to kill themselves.

A faceless individual who hasn't even read this book will try to call me a moron or dumb--

So I will not give up, I will write until I cannot write anymore.

I will not give up

Until my voice is heard

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