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A/N~ hiii :3 I'm writing my first book!! Let's see how this goes lmao.
My friends said I should start this so I was like why not ?


"Serena!" My brother cooed in your ear ever so gently 'trying' to wake you up from your slumber.

Of course it was hard since I barely ever sleep; I remember something important was starting today but I can't seem to put your finger on it.

"Serena seriously wake up!" He shook you roughly with his arms.

I pushed him away quite forcefully pushing my elbow against his tummy.
He has had enough of my bullshit.

"JUNG SERENA GET YOUR DUMB ASS OUR OF BED BEFORE I CHOVE SPOONS IN YOUR EARS" Jung Hoseok screamed almost breaking my eardrums.

Jung Hoseok
•Your older brother
•ball of sunshine
•major in rap
•loves you with all his heart
•has a girlfriend

"AH WHAT THE FUCK" I shot up with my hair looking like a bird nest;
and dark under eye from lack of sleep.

"Time to go little sister" Hoseok smiled cutely like he didn't almost try to burst my eardrums just a second ago

If only my parents didn't raise me to be so polite to my brother-

"Where the fuck are you taking me at 6am, I swear Ho-"

"I'm older than you have some respect!"
He laughed attractively

which would've made every girl get down on their knees, but since I'm his sister it doesn't work on me

even though he's a pain in the ass you've got to love him, he cares about me and I do the same.

"That's a good girl!" He pats my head gently like how an owner does to a kitten.

"But can I ask? WHY ARE YOU EXACTLY WAKING ME UP?" I asked fury while crossing my arms.

"You seriously forgot?!" He asked before widening his pupils drastically.

"YES! Now tell me!!" I pouted not caring anymore about sleep

"It's the COMPETITION!!"
He gleamed excitedly

"...say what now..."

//The competition//

• when teenagers reach the age of 16 they can participate in the competition

•this is hosted every year ! and 100 contestants are allowed to participate so first come first serve

•Your teammate is chosen at random

•each team consists of a boy and a girl

•teammates cannot be swapped or changed

•each team must work together to complete tasks to get the best score

•the winner gets a prize of $200,000,000!
( $100,000,000 each )

// lets get started !//

I waddled quickly out of bed and rushed into the bathroom;

This is the most important summer of my life!!
What is wrong with me waaah!!

My brother leaned his back against the bathroom door nonchalantly waiting before chuckling.

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