yami x heartbroken reader

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"M-mom seto doesn't love me,he cheated on me!""YOU HAVE TO MARRY HIM!"she shout.She only wants money.I was not an beautiful girl.I had glasses and no make up.

Seto never loved me , he just come home at midnight , when I wanted to kiss or hugg him he pushed me .Even when he was not working he never spended the time with me.When the phone rang he throw my hand away.When I accidentally bumped into him with food he beat me and shouted at me .I cried evertime.He came at midnight drunk at home and I saw kiss spots on his neck.I saw him one day havin sex with an girl.But my mom  and dad doesn't care , they only want money.That day I had heartbroken.

I looked at them.He saw me and was shocked."(y-y/n)"he said , I ran out of that house while crying.He followed me."Where are you going!You are not going anywhere!Come Inside!"he shout and tried to push me into the house.I pull my hand from his handle.He looked at me.I shook my head."It's over"I said and pulled the ring out and throw it to him"goodbye"I said and went home.My mom and dad beat me all the time.They said I am not usefull and I should die.I was having purple spots.I took my pocket and phone and run away.It was raining.I cried .Than suddenly I bumped into someone."I-i am s-sorry "I said and didn't looked at the person"It's okay"he said.I was shocked and looked at him.I was waiting thaf he would shout or push me away.But he didn't.I pass him.He looked at me.But I went through the city to find an cheap hotel , but I couldn't.I just had 5 thousand yen(44,49 US-Dollar/38,02 euro).I was really broke.I gaved the half money to the poor humans.That's why I have now so much.I went to a cafeteria.I ordered  an hot chocolate.When she wanted money , I couldn't find it."Where is it?!"I whisper."If you don't have money you have to-""I will pay it"a man said.I know that voice.I looked at the voice and saw the man again.I was shocked."Okay 300 yen please(2,67 US-Dollar)""B-but-"i said.He sat infront of me."i think you lost this"he said and showed my glasses.That's why I couldn't see clear."T-thank you"i said"what's your name?"he ask."My name is (y/n) (l/n)"I said"My name is Atem/yami Mutou,nice to meet you"he said friendly."I saw you crying , can I know it why?"I was silent."Okay ,than-""Because my parents doesn't love me , they only..."I told him everything.Why I am telling it to him.He looked sad.Than he hold my hand."I am sorry"he said"W-why?""Because we didn't met before that happend"he said.I was suprised."You can stay with me..."

4 months later

We were engaged.My parents heared that and hated me even more.He asked me now if I am hurt"No don't worry"i said and kissed him, he kissed back.We are going to marry in 2 months.When we find out I was pregnant he was the happiest man in the world.

When we find out I was pregnant he was the happiest man in the world

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We married and we were happy.

After 5 months we go out.We were sitting in the car and holding hands.His phone was ringing but he didn't care , he was still holding my hand , seto would push my hand away , but he didn't do it.He smiled at me .Than he looked at the road.(He is richer than seto ksksksk )

2 years later

"MOMMY "my son shout."Yes my love?""I want a sister!"he said and I blushed , yami saw that and hugged me from behind "and I wand a daughter too"he said hot and kissed my neck.I was now 21 years old.He was 24.

6 years later

"Mommy!Yura stoled my chocholate!""DADDY but he eat my smarties!"she said.We were siting on the sofa."Please don't stress your mother , she is pregnant!"he said strict."okayyy!"they said.

Yura:girl, 5 years old
Yuga:boy,7 years old
Yuma:boy(not born),4 months old

Yami was stroking my stomach."We have wonderfull childrens , they are like us"he said than he kissed me.
He was now 30 years old and I 27.We want 4 children.After years we lived happy together...



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