Showing off her Smarts

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Clarity Showing off her Smarts


Disclaimer: Clarity Springs is not my character. She belongs to Sparkle123tt.

Some of the characters aren't included in this story, and I am aware of that fact. This is also my first time writing in first person. I would appreciate feedback. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy.

I was startled awake by that familiar falling sensation. I didn't realize I was actually falling until I hit the metal floor with an "oof." The lights flickered on, and the Waverider shook again. The ship's familiar electronic energy slowly filled my senses. I could feel some external damage on the ship as if from some sort of attack.


"Yes, Creator?"

"What's going on?" I untangled myself from my hoard of giant bright blue blankets.

"We are currently being attacked by Time Pirates."

I sighed as I stood. "Of course we are." I quickly tied up my thick, brown hair in a loose ponytail. "Is Rip awake?"

"Yes, he's in the bridge now trying to ward off the attack."

"He's doing a terrible job," I said just as the ship lurched. I stumbled and caught myself on the wall. I pictured the bridge and glitched over to it in the blink of an eye. I materialized a second later and saw Rip sitting in the captain's chair. He was still dressed, trench coat and all. Had he even gone to bed yet? I thought I bugged him enough about overworking for him not to do it anymore. Guess I was wrong. I made my way towards the center of the room.

Ray was nervously gripping the center display while Sara nonchalantly leaned against it as if nothing was happening. Mick had a donut in each hand. One had bright blue frosting.

"How are we doing?" I asked and snatched the blue-covered donut from Mick. He glared, and I gave him a sweet smile in return.

"I've managed to destroy their engine," Rip answered from across the room. He quickly set the ship to autopilot and walked towards us. I took a bite of the donut, enjoying the sweet taste.

Jax came rushing into the room with Leonard and Todd right behind him.

"What's happening?" Jax asked. I took another bite of the sugary bread.

"We were under attack from some Time Pirates," Ray explained, "but Rip managed to stop them."

"And Sparky stole my donut," Mick pouted.

"You already have one!" I said nodding to his donut that was nearly gone. "Besides, blue is my color." I took a small bite and Mick glared again.

"We need to apprehend the Time Pirates," Rip said, moving us back on point.

"You mean enter their ship?" Leonard asked and crossed his arms. "Why don't we just leave them?"

"All alone in the temporal zone with a damaged ship?" Todd asked. "Yeah, can't see how that would be bad."

Leonard shot him an angry look, but Todd just grinned.

"Alright, boys," Sara said. "Be nice. Let's listen to Rip."

I grinned at that, and Sara smiled at me before turning her attention to Rip.

"I'll take a few of you with me inside. This shouldn't be difficult. If anything happens, I'll need the rest of you to come as back up," Rip disclosed.

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